How to Put the Protective Cover on the Eclipse 5

You should be able to take your portable concentrator pretty much anywhere you want to go, and that's why it's important to make sure it's protected from the elements. Just like any electronic, it can be damaged by moisture. The sun's rays can cause it to wear out and fade, and dirty or dusty air can get inside the vents and other tiny openings and cause it to malfunction. The protective cover is an important part of keeping your concentrator in proper working order.

The Eclipse 5's protective cover looks nice and is designed specifically for the Eclipse 5. It's made of sturdy but flexible black material. It keeps the moisture away from the concentrator and has enough of an opening around the vent so that it can still bring in air like it is supposed to.

It also has a clear thin window so you can see the control panel and push the buttons. Being able to see the display screen and press the buttons easily is very important, not only so you can operate it, but also so you can read the screen and see which setting it is on, or see what's going on if an alarm goes off.

Before you put the Eclipse 5 in its protective case, make sure it's off and unplugged. The first thing you'll need to do is wipe down the concentrator with a clean, dry, lint free cloth, just to make sure it's not coming in contact with any dirt or moisture that it will be trapped with inside of the case. Unzip the case at the top and take a look inside to make sure there is nothing inside as well.

Make sure the front of the Eclipse 5 is aligned with the front of the case, which has the Eclipse logo on the front. Make sure the zipper is all the way open so that you don't need to hold it open while you lower the concentrator down inside of it. Now that you have the concentrator and the front of the case lined up, carefully lower the concentrator through the opening until it stops at the bottom.

The openings for the plugs of the Eclipse 5 should all be aligned with the openings in the case, so that you can plug them in when you need to, without removing it from the case. As long as you have lined the front of the concentrator up with the front of the case, all of the ports and openings for the filter, battery and the vent should be aligned.

Zip up the case and you will be able to have access to the battery when you need to change it out. You'll also be able to access the opening for the power supply when you need to charge the battery while sitting still. Attach the Eclipse 5 to the mobile cart with the secure straps on the back of the case. Now, you can turn it on and attach the cannula to begin use.

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