How to Order a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Your doctor has just determined that you need to use oxygen therapy on a regular basis, and you've decided that you want to use a portable oxygen concentrator. There are a few things to consider when you are thinking about treating your COPD, or other condition, by using a portable oxygen concentrator:

Will it meet my dosage needs?

Will I be able to use it long enough before I need to stop and recharge the battery, or can I get extra batteries?

After you and your doctor have determined that you can indeed use a portable oxygen concentrator for your oxygen therapy, you can look into ordering one. Your doctor may even help you decide on exactly which portable oxygen concentrator you should get.

Your doctor will write a prescription for your oxygen therapy. You will need to send a copy of this prescription to the medical supply company so you can purchase your portable oxygen concentrator. This is very easy to do, and you don't even have to fax it or mail it to the medical supply company.

For example, at American Medical, you can even upload a PDF or an image file of your prescription. You can do this after you fill out your order for your portable oxygen concentrator, but the order will not be completed until you upload a copy of your prescription to the website. You can also send it in an email, fax, or mail it in, whichever way is easiest for you.

You can call and order over the phone – this is the easiest way to go. A customer service rep will help you make sure the portable oxygen concentrator you want will meet your oxygen needs, as well as fit in with your lifestyle needs.

They will also help you in financing, or get you set up with your medical insurance. You don't need to worry about the little details – the medical supply company will guide you and help you come to the best and cheapest way to get your portable oxygen concentrator.

If you are financing your oxygen concentrator, we have a few different options – you can use Bill Me Later through PayPal, 90 days same as cash, or 24 or 36-month financing. You will be subject to a credit check if you want to do financing, and not everyone will be approved. We might also have a used and refurbished model that you might want, that will run much cheaper than a brand new one.

Many insurance companies will cover up to 80% of the total costs for your portable oxygen concentrator. Medicare will cover it if you are over the age 65, and will take care of the maintenance and repairs as well. Under medicare, however, you will not be able to own the oxygen concentrator. It will always be the property of the medical supply company. This is convenient for you because it means they are always responsible for any repairs, and a temporary replacement if yours ever breaks down.

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  • Paradzai

    Hie my daddy is in Zimbabwe and he has asthma and at hospital they have send him back home even when he is relaying on it so l need to know which oxygen tank can l buy for Nebulizer l need your help please coz my father was just send home to die and lm in South Africa far from him hospital back home doesn't have any Madison

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      I am truly sorry for your situation. Given everyone's medical condition is different this is best for his doctor and someone familiar with his medical condition to provide. I do hope you can find someone in Zimbabwe who treated your father who can help.


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