How to Clean an Oxygen Concentrator

It's easy to keep your oxygen concentrator in good working order as long as you keep it clean and well maintained. Cleaning your portable oxygen concentrator, on the inside and the the filter, will prevent you from needing to buy a new one as soon as you would have, if you didn't keep up on the maintenance. If you have a portable oxygen concentrator, you'll also want to keep it clean so that it will look nicer when you take it out in public.

How to Clean The Outside of Your Oxygen Concentrator

Like all electronics, your oxygen concentrator is going to collect dirt and dust, and it will come in contact with substances that will make it slightly sticky, which will make the dirt and dust stick to it. Even if you try to avoid it, these things seem to get on the surface just anyway, just because you are using it. It's easy to clean the outside, especially if you do it before it gets really dirty.

Don't use any harsh detergents to clean the outside, because these will wear away at the outer protective coating on the outside of the oxygen concentrator cabinet. Use a small amount of a gentle detergent like Dawn dish-soap, and warm water. Unplug the concentrator from the power source before you start cleaning.

Dip a soft wash rag in the soapy water and squeeze it so that it's not dripping wet, but damp. Scrub the outside of the concentrator. When you're done, thoroughly rinse out the rag under warm water to get all the soap out, and wipe it down again to remove the soap residue. Let it dry by itself, or wipe it down with a soft, dry, lint-free towel.

How to Clean the Gross Particle Filter of Your Oxygen Concentrator

The gross particle filter is the first filter that cleans the air that comes into your oxygen concentrator. It catches the dust, dirt, pollen spores, mold spores and any pollution that might be floating through the air. Because it gets so dirty, you need to take it out and clean it about once a month, or more if you live in a highly polluted area. The gross particle filter is easy to clean, and you need to keep up on it because it will prevent you from needing to get your oxygen concentrator replaced.

Turn off the oxygen concentrator and remove the gross particle filter from the machine, following the directions in the owners manual for where it is located, and the right way to remove it from your particular model.

Fill a tub with clean water and a little mild household detergent. Dip the filter into the tub and scrub it with a wash cloth to remove all of the tiny pieces of dirt and dust. Rinse it under the faucet to remove all of the soap. Set the filter on a clean, dry towel so that it will drip dry onto the towel.

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