How Oxygen Concentrators Work

Lung disease requires ongoing treatment to help extend your life and make it better. Oxygen therapy helps deliver oxygen to your lungs so your blood can perform all the necessary tasks within your body. Many patients with COPD or other lung diseases rely on home oxygen concentrators to get the correct amount of oxygen. Sadly, many people skip out on travel or vacation because they don’t want their oxygen concentrators to drag them down.

Although you may think that oxygen therapy limits your mobility, this is actually the opposite of the purpose of this form of treatment. It is true that many home concentrators aren’t travel-friendly, but there are alternative forms of oxygen therapy to help get you moving. This is the case whether you take oxygen through a mask or a breathing tube.

Portable oxygen concentrators make it easy to continue your therapy without having to skip out on yet another family vacation. These machines are battery operated, so you don’t need to mess with trying to find an extension cord while enjoying a tropical beach or taking a tour of the Grand Canyon.

There is an argument that portable concentrators are a waste of money, especially if you don’t travel often. Some people think that it isn’t cost-effective to have both home and portable oxygen concentrators. This is true to an extent, but this still doesn’t mean that you have to give up hope and become a shut-in with your home-only oxygen concentrator.
Renting portable oxygen concentrators is a viable solution for many travelers with lung diseases. Such machines are still battery operated, but you don’t have to front thousands of dollars to purchase one for a single vacation. Instead, you can rent a portable oxygen concentrator by the day or for a week at a time. You will save thousands of dollars and still be able to enjoy the vacation you long for.

Yet another option is purchasing gently used portable oxygen concentrators. This is especially ideal if you plan on traveling a lot. Purchasing a second-hand model versus renting one is entirely dependent on your oxygen therapy needs and budget. If you want to travel a lot, you may end up saving money by purchasing a used model than renting a portable oxygen concentrator for several weeks at a time.

Finally, it is important to prepare your oxygen concentrator before you take off for vacation. Some airlines and cruise ships require advanced notice of your taking oxygen supplies on board. To play it safe, you may also want to obtain a medical note from your doctor. The only worse thing than not going on vacation is to stay behind when you’re close to leaving for vacation due to a lack of preparation.

How do Concentrators Work

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