Helping your Grandchild prepare to go Back to School

It's a fact that grandparents are often able to connect with their grandchildren, better than their parents. The parents are the main authoritarians in a child's world, where the grandparents usually play the role of the benevolent and wise loved one, who gives them special hugs and candy.

It can be a grandparent's special role to help their grandchildren ease back into the routine and added stress of going back to school. Who better to help with the jitters of the last night of summer vacation than Grandma or Grandpa?

There are many ways you can help and participate in your grandchild's education and back-to-school time. If your grandchild is getting ready for Kindergarten or any other grade, you can help them by subtly teaching them.

Your young grandchild likely enjoys baking with you. You can turn this into a fun math lesson, by showing them the measurements and talking in terms of fractions. It helps to make it sound fun and to let them know that adding the right amounts of water and oil are important to baking their favorite cookies.

This will help to teach them measurements and fractions, and they can begin learning this as young as age 5. Math can be taught with pieces of candy or with cookies. Divide them up in even groups, so everyone can have the same amount, and explain to them how you divided them evenly. You can explain fractions by having them eat half of a cookie, or break it into quarters.

Gardening with your grandchildren can also be a very educational experience. Plant a garden with them in the spring, and explain to them how seeds germinate and use the soil, water and sunlight to grow into plants. Talk to them about how bees pollinate the flowers, which then enables the fruits or vegetables to grow, so they can eat them. Children love learning about science, because everything is interesting to them. This will help them to develop a love for science and the environment early on.

Reading with your grandchild is something you can do at almost any age. Sit with them and read them one of their favorite books, and point out the words as you go along. This will help them learn to read much faster, than if they just sat on the floor while you read to them. You can also show them signs in public places, and ask them to read them to you.

Take a walk with your grandchild the day or evening before they go back to school, talk to them and listen to any concerns they might be having about school. As a grandparent, you have a lot of advice and wisdom to offer, as well as a soothing quality that can help calm their nerves. Your relationship is important for helping your grandchild get a good education.

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