Get Active with the Inogen G2 Backpack

Are you the proud owner of an Inogen One G2? We love this unit almost as much as you do, especially because of its small size and light weight. The Inogen G2 unit weighs only 7 pounds so it is ideal for active oxygen users. Our patients using this machine love that they are able to hike, bike, golf and more in this unit. Patients at a pulse setting of 2 have up to 8 hours of battery life on the 24 cell battery, so this unit can truly go wherever you go. The Inogen One features a oxygen concentrator backpack.

American Medical Sales and Repair is happy to offer not only this great concentrator, but also a convenient carrying cases for using your concentrator on the go. The Inogen One G2 is one of the only oxygen concentrators with a backpack available and it is one of our current favorites. The Inogen Backpack is incredibly well designed with a partition for the concentrator and a velcro strap to insure stability. It even has a plastic window so that you can see the top display screen of your machine. The most important aspect of the pack is the air vents on the side, these allow for the machine to function inside of the bag. There is even a cut out on the side to allow for a connection to external power while the unit is still inside the bag. The pack has a sleek design and well-suited pockets for additional accessories. Lastly, it has adjustable straps and a buckle to insure a comfy fit and allow for maximum mobility of the user. Since an oxygen concentrator cannot simply be put in any backpack this specially made pack is a no brainer for active oxygen patients; it allows for complete mobility and use of two free hands while maintaining an oxygen flow.

You no longer need to lug your concentrator around or try to conceal it, this pack is very easy and almost indistinguishable; one look at it and you’ll know why it is on our list of favorites. So if you already own an Inogen or are thinking about buying one, consider the Inogen One G2 backpack as well.

Inogen One G2 Backpack

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