Flying With a Portable Oxygen Concentrator on Hawaiian Airlines

If you're planning on flying with Hawaiian Airlines with a portable oxygen concentrator, there are a few things you'll need to know before the day of your flight. Just like all other commercial airlines, they have the ability to allow approved portable oxygen concentrators on board their flights, for those who have a medical need for them.

They have the health and safety in mind for you, as well as all of their other passengers, which is why they have their own set of rules for bringing them aboard. You'll need to follow these rules, so you won't hit any snags in your travel, and also, to make sure your oxygen needs are properly met while you take your vacation.

Even though all of our portable oxygen concentrators are approved for use on commercial flights by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), commercial airlines can still decide which ones they approve. Here is a list of our available portable oxygen concentrators, that are approved by Hawaiian Airlines, specifically:

AirSep FreeStyle, DeVilbiss iGo, Inogen One G2, Lifechoice, Invacare XPO2, Oxlife Independence, Respironics EverGo, Airsep Focus, Airsep Freestyle 5, Inogen One G3, LifeChoice Activox, Respironics Simply Go, SeQual Eclipse, SeQual eQuinox.

They require that you notify them that you will be bringing your portable oxygen concentrator with you no less than 48 hours before your scheduled flight. You will need to let them know what kind of portable oxygen concentrator you'll be bringing, as well as how much battery life. You'll also need to arrive no less than 1 hour before your flight to check in.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator on Hawaiian Airlines

They will go over the physician's statement as well, which you will need to get no more than 30 days before your scheduled flight. This physician's statement has to be on your doctor's official letterhead, and be from the doctor that prescribed you with the use of an oxygen concentrator. It will have to state your dosage, your ability to travel, that you can properly respond to all alarms and you know how to work the concentrator, as well as the times during the flight when you will be using the concentrator.

The portable oxygen concentrator will also need to have the label stating that it is approved by the FAA. They will also check that you have extra batteries, and they are stored safely. You'll need to make sure that you have enough battery life to last you the whole flight, plus 50% more to cover any unforeseen delays.

They want to make sure you won't run out of battery, since you won't have access to any outlets. The batteries have to be packaged separately, each in their own plastic bags, to prevent the terminals from touching anything metal. During the flight, you will need to keep the concentrator under your seat while you need it, and you can carry it with you to the restroom, as long as the “fasten your seat-belt” signs aren't on.

You will also need to have your doctor fill out a physician’s statement. Click here to download Hawaiian Airlines Portable Oxygen Physician Statement.

Flying With a Portable Oxygen Concentrator on Hawaiian Airlines

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4 thoughts on “Flying With a Portable Oxygen Concentrator on Hawaiian Airlines”

  • Fofo Tuitele

    Doctor signature in certification letters is that one time good through out your trip?

    • Danielle Jason

      Thank you for your question, Fofo. Are you referring to your prescription?

      • Fofo Tuitele

        Sorry for being late responding back. My wife and I, were traveling to American Samoa from New Mexico and I have my authorizations certification from my Doctor for Portable oxygen, everything was ok. Returned trip back after 3 weeks as I check in the Hawaiian Airline counter my certification letters is NO good because has to be sign by my Doctor, is the same certification I used to get here, but is NO good for getting back because I don't have doctor sign it for my departure date? Very confusing? Please Help to me to understand what I must do cause my family always uses Hawaain Air. I need a copy of your policy that stated; doctor has sign each departure? if not then stated that is not!

        Mahalo for your patience.

  • J Jenkins

    I had the same question and asked directly to Hawaiian Airlines. The said the same certificate is OK for the return trip on a ROUNDTRIP booking. If you bought two one-way tickets, then that might be a problem.


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