Flying with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator on Frontier Airlines

You don't need to let you need for oxygen therapy stop you from traveling to the Bahamas and back with your loved one, or prevent you from crossing the country quickly and easily to meet your new grandchild or niece or nephew. Our portable oxygen concentrators that are approved by the Federal Aviation Administration have been found to be safe for use on an airplane, and are already approved to fly anywhere to or from the United States.

Frontier is one such airline that allows many different models of portable oxygen concentrators on board their flights. Even though a portable oxygen concentrator might be FAA approved, it doesn't mean every airline will allow every FAA approved POC on their flights. Most of them are approved, however, as long as you meet a few simple requirements before boarding your flight. Like all other airlines, Frontier has its own set of rules for using a portable oxygen concentrator on their flights.

When you book your flight, tell them that you will need to use a portable oxygen concentrator during the flight, and which model. Here is a list of the portable oxygen concentrator models we sell at American Medical, that are approved by Frontier airlines: AirSep FreeStyle, AirSep FreeStyle 5, Airsep Focus, DeVilbiss iGo, Inogen One G2, Inogen One G3, LifeChoice Activox, Oxlife Independence , Respironics EverGo, Respironics Simply Go and SeQual Eclipse.

Flying with oxygen on Frontier Airlines

Next, you will need to download Frontier's Portable Oxygen Concentrator Medical Authorization Form and print it out. Here is the link to that form you will need to fill out. Click here to download Frontier Airlines Portable Oxygen Physician Statement. You will need to take it to your doctor, or call his or her office to have it faxed. Your doctor will then need to fill it out and send it back to you, so you can have it with you on the day of your flight.

The basics of the form cover a few simple requirements – that you know how to use the portable oxygen concentrator without help, that you know at what times during the flight you will be using the portable oxygen concentrator, and that you will have no less than 150% of the amount of battery life (in internal and supplemental batteries), so you will have plenty just in case of any delays or emergencies. You must understand that you will not have access to any outlets during the flight.

It's extremely convenient and safe to use a portable oxygen concentrator on an airplane. There are no threats of hazardous materials from oxygen tanks (which cannot be brought aboard a flight). The oxygen you need is taken right out of the air around you, and filtered within the concentrator for you to breathe in. With just a few minor requirements, you can enjoy the freedom of taking a flight while still receiving the oxygen therapy you need to stay healthy.

Flying with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator on Frontier Airlines

3 thoughts on “Flying with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator on Frontier Airlines”

  • Nan roguski

    I have a Philip Respironics portable oxegyn concentrator...can it be used on Frontier flights?

    • Scott Ridl

      Phillips Respironics concentrators are FAA approved. We recommend you contact Frontier for their specific requirements of traveling with oxygen. You can also visit our Travel Tips Page as well as Frontier’s website: Travel Information.

    • Margaret Goodman
      Margaret Goodman June 18, 2018 at 6:59 am

      Yes, this machine is FAA approved. However, we always recommend contacting the airline ahead of your flight to make sure you have any necessary paperwork and understand the airline's requirements for bringing your oxygen concentrator on board.


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