Flying with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator on Airlines in Canada

Taking a flight from the United States to anywhere in the world is possible with our selection of FAA approved portable oxygen concentrators, as well as a popular most Canadian airlines. You won't need to be left behind, as long as your doctor is able to prescribe you use of one of the approved portable oxygen concentrators, and if you follow the few simple requirements for bringing a portable oxygen concentrator aboard an Canada airline flights.

The requirements can differ from one airline to another, and not all FAA approved portable oxygen concentrators will be approved to be used in flight on all airlines. Most airlines do allow most well known FAA approved portable oxygen concentrators, though. They can approve or deny the use of any FAA approved portable oxygen concentrator at their discretion, but if its on the approved list, you will be able to bring it with you.

Here is the list of portable oxygen concentrators that we carry here at American Medical, that are approved for use on board Canada flights: AirSep Focus, AirSep FreeStyle, AirSep Freestyle 5, DeVilbiss iGo, Inogen One G2, nogen One G3. LifeChoice Activox, LifeChoice, Invacare XPO2, Oxlife Independence, Drive Oxus, Respironics EverGo, Respironics SimplyGo and the SeQual Eclipse. If your doctor prescribed you the use of one of these models, you also have the option of renting it through American Medical, if you only need it for the trip!

Flying with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator on Airlines in Canada

The best thing to do would be to notify them when you book your flight, but you can do it up to 48 hours before your scheduled flight, so they will have plenty of time to accommodate for your. You will also need to have your physician write a note on the office's official letter head, stating three important things – you know how to use your portable oxygen concentrator without assistance, when you will need it at which stages during the flight, and you have 150% of the amount of battery life you would need for the flight. You don't want to experience any delays or emergencies, and run out of battery power, because you will not have access to any in-flight outlets. The battery life must also cover your time sitting in the airport, and on your way to and from the airport.

No need to worry about going over your carry on limit with your portable oxygen concentrator and its accessories. Your batteries and the bag they are in will not be counted as carry on baggage, and neither will your POC. You will also be required to pack your batteries in a way that will prevent them from being damaged. You need to make sure the battery terminals are not touching anything metal. The terminals must have a piece of tape over them, or they can be placed separately in sealed plastic bags.

Flying with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator on Airlines in Canada

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  • kenneth burdette
    kenneth burdette May 2, 2019 at 9:49 am

    can I take two portible oxygen concentrators on plane with me. thank- you

    • Ed Rodgers

      Yes. As long as the portable oxygen concentrator is FAA approved. You are able to check them (if you are taking a stationary one) and a portable on the plane to use. What you need to review is the guidelines if you are using the concentrator in flight. We have a link that can help you.


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