Fixed CPAP Machines Comparisons and Reviews

A fixed CPAP machine delivers a constant or “fixed” flow of air, which is used to treat sleep apnea. These fixed CPAP machines are the standard, and deliver an air flow measured in centimeters of water (cmH2O). This flow of air acts as a splint that keeps the airways open the way they should be. Being able to breathe properly at night without interruption can make a huge difference in how you feel and in your overall health.

You might be wondering which fixed CPAP machine to buy, but maybe our customer reviews can help you make some comparisons. Here are some reviews from people who are happy with their fixed CPAP machines.

Respironics REMstar

“I love how simple this thing is to use. I had an older CPAP machine and it was time for an upgrade. It's so small, all it is is a little box, so it doesn't take up a lot of room on my nightstand and I can easily stick it in a drawer during the day when I'm not using it. This nasal pillow mask is also very comfortable and doesn't bother me the way the regular nasal mask did. Now I know that I have to be more careful about getting the right sized mask, which I think made a big difference in how comfortable it was.” - Sandra

“My throat was getting extremely dry while using this, because my throat is very sensitive and I get thirsty a lot. I didn't realize that I would need the humidifier that comes with this machine, so I had to go and get one and it fixed the problem. I don't wake up with a sore throat anymore and it seems much more comforting so I fall asleep much quicker.” - Kent

ResMed S9 Escape

“I highly recommend the humidifier that can come with this CPAP machine, as well as the ClimateLine tube. It heats up the moist air right before you breathe it in and the temperature is constant and perfect. I needed a CPAP machine badly for my apnea and now I can wake up without feeling awful in the morning. It was alarming to find out that I wasn't getting enough oxygen through my body while I was sleeping. I don't have to worry about that now.” - Robin

“This machine is wonderfully quiet! The ramp time is also perfect for me and how long it takes for me to fall asleep. I tried the REMstar and this one is the better one in my opinion. I had to go with a full face mask and ResMed Quattro mask is actually a lot more comfortable than it looks once you get used to it. I'd say I'm happy with these.” - Arnold

ResMed S9 Elite

“This is nice and convenient, because I can get a reading straight from the machine of how well my patients are sleeping with this machine. I recommend this model as long as my patients can afford it.” - Louis

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