Finding a New Doctor When the One You Have Isn't Right for You

Sometimes it becomes necessary to find a new specialist or primary care physician, because they just aren't doing the job that they should be. Sometimes it's because of a major misdiagnosis that lead to problems, or a number of issues that have been mounting over time, and you've decided it's time to find a new doctor. It's important to know when you should leave, and how you should go about finding a new doctor that will meet your needs.

Signs You Should Switch Doctors

If you feel like your doctor isn't listening to you, this is a major problem. There might be a case where you notice something going on with yourself, and you bring it up to your doctor, and they just seem to brush it off.

This isn't how doctors should respond to any of your concerns, because who else knows how you feel better than you do? Important tests and screenings can be ran if the patient speaks up about a symptom that isn't apparent to your doctor at first glance.

If you are being polite and reasonable, but your doctor is always short and rude, and makes you feel like you aren't a priority, it might be time to find a new doctor. If walk out of the office each time feeling a little down, almost as if you've just wasted someone's time, this isn't acceptable. Even if he or she is very busy, they should give you the full attention you need during the visit.

Everyone is human and we all have bad days, but your healthcare professional should never be mean or insulting to you. It's never fair to have someone take out their frustrations on you, especially someone you go to for help in a professional atmosphere.

If you ever feel insulted by your doctor, you can write a letter to the medical facility with a complaint. They might get reprimanded, and you might just save future patients from being treated badly.

You might also just not get along with a doctor, just like your personality might not mesh with a friend or a family member. Would you continue to visit a friend that you just don't feel comfortable talking to? If you don't get along with your doctor, this is a valid reason to find a new one.

How to Go About Switching Doctors

Before you completely break it off with your current physician, you should find a new one and make sure they are currently taking new patients. This will take some planning ahead, and be sure that this doctor is right for you by going to your first visit.

Schedule the last visit with your current doctor, and be polite, stating your reasons for leaving. You will need to be able to give the contact information of your new doctor, so medical records can be transferred. Your current doctor might also give you copies of your medical records to give to your new doctor at the next visit.

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