Financing the Inogen One G3 Oxygen Concentrator

One of our most popular portable oxygen concentrators is the Inogen One G3, and for good reason. Actually, it's for several good reasons. This concentrator has all the great features of its predecessor, the G2, but is lighter and can concentrate more oxygen in the same amount of time, at a very high purity. This wonderful little concentrate awards its users with even more freedom and convenience.


The G3 only weighs 5 pounds, and that's even after you put the 8 cell battery in it. Because it's so light and small, there's no need to use a mobile cart. It fits right into the carry bag that was made just for the G3, which features a comfortable adjustable strap that you can wear cross-body, or just slung over your shoulder. You will barely notice it's there, and you can go virtually anywhere while using it.

Great Long-Lasting Battery and Battery Options

Just like with the G2, you have 2 battery size options that are compatible with the G3 – the 8 cell and 16 cell batteries. The 8 cell battery can provide between 2 to 4 hours of total mobility, before needing to be recharged. Of course, these times depend on which oxygen setting you need to use. The 16 cell battery can allow you to roam for 5 to 8 hours before needing to recharge. You can recharge by plugging it into an AC or DC power source, with the appropriate power cable.

Low Maintenance

The only thing you will have to do on a regular basis is wipe dust away from the intake vents and off of the surface to keep it clean. Never use a wet cloth. How often you have to do this depends on how clean and unpolluted your environment is. There are no filters to take out and clean.

Financing the Inogen One G3

If you want the Inogen One G3 and it will cover your oxygen needs, we want to help you get it with our easy payment and financing options. As long as you are able to make the payments and you can get your credit approved, there is no reason why you shouldn't. We have a few different means of applying for a line of credit available to you:

HELPcard: The HELPcard® examines different levels of credit that can offer a new source of financing that provide low monthly payment options.

PayPal Credit: You will need a PayPal account and link it to PayPal Credit, which isn't a credit card company, but functions much like one. You can find out if you're approved within minutes or at the most, within the same day. PayPal Credit has very secure and convenient payment options.

24 or 36 Month Financing: You'll need to run a credit check by filling out an application for our financing partner. After you get approved, we can have you fill out our own contract via email fax or US mail, and we will ship your Inogen One G3 the same day.

90 Days Same as Cash: Simple, you just make arrangements to pay the cost of the G3 within 90 days.

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