Financing Options to Help You Pay for Your Oxygen Concentrator

If there is an oxygen concentrator that would be perfect for your needs, you shouldn't be intimidated by the price tag. Many people who can get an oxygen concentrator are missing out, because they feel that they cannot afford it. This is why Oxygen Concentrator Store has several options available for you to finance an oxygen concentrator, and they are all pretty simple and easy to set up.

Why should you get an oxygen concentrator? Oxygen concentrators make it much more convenient for those who need medical oxygen therapy, because you don't have to keep purchasing oxygen refills. Oxygen concentrators do just as their name suggests – they concentrate the air from the room into a much higher purity of oxygen for you to breathe in through a mask or nasal cannula. They give you a wider range of travel possibilities and generally more freedom in life.

Have you found the oxygen concentrator that will suit your individual needs? Our Oxygen Specialists will help you with that, as well as help you find the best way for you to finance and pay for your oxygen concentrator. Before you get started, you can read up on your financing options.


Established in 1983, The HELPcard® serves prime and near-prime consumers desiring to purchase goods and services. They offer various programs that provide low monthly payment options. The HELPcard also examines different levels of consumer credit that can offer a new source of financing beyond conventional lending.

PayPal Credit

This is the quickest and easiest way to get financed for an oxygen concentrator. PayPal is a secure banking company that functions primarily online through your email address, but can also be used with a PayPal debit card or a line of credit. You can use “Bill Me Later” (, and you would make monthly payments through PayPal, or even with your bank account, if you like. You can pay online, or by mail or phone.

Bill Me Later can easily to linked to your PayPal account at the website Bill Me Later isn't a credit card company, but is a line of credit and functions much like a credit card company. To apply, you would need to use the last 4 of your social security number and your birth date to run a quick credit check.

90 Day Same as Cash

You get 90 days or approximately 3 months to pay off your oxygen concentrator. You would need to make a down payment but there is no credit check approval involved. However, you must be able to pay off your concentrator within 90 days from the time you get it.

24 or 36 Month Financing

For this financing option, you will need to get approved through our financing partner. If you choose this option, we will send you an application through email, fax or US mail, whichever is easier for you. You fill out the application and send it back by any of the aforementioned means, and we would let you know as soon as you are approved or declined. This application process is very simple and straightforward. If your application is accepted, we will contact you and set up the terms and have you fill out our own contract.

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  • Anthony Lee

    I have copd and would like to see if i could get approved for a oxygen concentrater. I would like to do the paypal financing if i could im on disability and cant afford a whole lot per month you can reach me at 706 391 2277 thank you

    • Ed Rodgers

      I have passed your information onto one of our Oxygen Specialists who will be reaching out to you to discuss your interest in getting an oxygen concentrator.


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