User Perspective: A Users Experience with Oxygen on a Trip to London

Who would want to miss an opportunity to go to one of the most interesting, oldest and most famous cities in the world? Not very many people, that's for sure. London, England is a city with a lot of history and cultural significance. Sure they speak English and if you're an American going to London, you don't really have to learn basic words in a different language to find the nearest restroom or to order from a menu. However, it's very different nonetheless!

Dale R. has been using a mobile oxygen machine for a little over 4 years, and he's very glad he converted from tanks when he did. Dale shares with us his adventures in London, and offers some tips on traveling abroad and through this city while using his portable oxygen concentrator.

I decided to go ahead and buy my portable oxygen concentrator, instead of renting one when I finally decided to take the trip. A couple friends of mine were going, and I couldn't pass up the chance. There is just too much to see and do in that city, and it has so much history, which is the main reason I was drawn to it so strongly. Plus, I'm a huge fan of tea, and they definitely know how to brew a great pot of tea.

I had been only using oxygen tanks, but switched to a stationary oxygen concentrator when I realized it would save me, and I only needed to use it a few hours a day. I didn't need to go running around while using it. But then, I realized I didn't want to be confined and I wanted to travel, so I scooped up the wonderful Sequal Eclipse 5.

One of the great places to visit in London, one that we went to first, was Madame Taussaude's Wax Museum. I was afraid my Eclipse would be a burden or get in the way as we were touring and making our way through the crowds, but it wasn't an issue in the slightest. The mobile cart is very light and easy to steer. I recommend using the accessory bag as well, which attaches to the mobile cart. No need to carry anything on your back, and you'll need your extra batteries with you everywhere you go.

We also took a tour of the Tower of London, which is an amazing place and one of the main places to go if you want to learn some history. I was afraid the soft noises my concentrator was making would maybe disturb others touring, but this wasn't the case. I'm not sure why I was concerned, since it was pretty quiet, but no one seemed to be bothered.

The desktop battery charger is something that made my whole time there so much easier. I could charge another extra battery while the one in my Eclipse was charging overnight in the hotel I was staying in. This was probably the best purchase I made for the trip, since I wouldn't have gotten it otherwise. I definitely recommend it.

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