Exceptional Oxygen Concentrators

In every category, there is one oxygen concentrator that is the best in some aspect. We're proud to say that we carry some of the best and most exceptional oxygen concentrators in the industry. If you want the lightest portable concentrator, which would match your active lifestyle in the best way, we have it.

If you're looking for one with a battery that will give you enough time to explore new cities for hours and hours at a time or go hiking and camping, we have the one that will suit your needs.

The Lightest of the Lightweight

The lightest portable oxygen we carry is the AirSep Focus, which weighs in at only 1.75 lbs. The battery packs only weigh .53 pounds, and our Focus package comes with 2 of these battery packs. It's not just the minute size and light weight that makes this concentrator exceptional.

The concentrator itself will run for as long as 3 hours on its internal battery charge, and each battery will go for 1.5 hours before needing to be recharged. You will also get as many as 300 good charge cycles before the batteries begin to run down, and the batteries are covered on a 1-year warranty.

It also has all of the alarm features that any other portable concentrator would have, and it has a maximum operating altitude of 10,000 feet outside of an airplane. This concentrator is just as sturdy and dependable as most of the ones that are three times its size.

The Unit with the Longest Battery Life

It's exceptional that one of our mid-sized portable oxygen concentrators is the one with the most extended battery life and the fact that it also features continuous flow. Usually, a portable model that offers both pulse dose and continuous flow is more extensive and heavier. The Respironics SimplyGo has a battery that will go for as long as 7 hours on the pulse dose setting of 2 LPM (Liters per minute), and 2.3 hours on the continuous setting of 1. If you only needed to use 0.5 continuous flow, it would last you for as long as 3 hours.

Another exceptional thing about the SimplyGo is the Sleep Mode technology, which is excellent for those who need to use it during the night, or while they are sleeping. It senses that your breath rate has changed, which happens to some degree or another while you sleep, and adjusts itself accordingly to make sure you are still receiving the amount of oxygen that you need.

The SimplyGo is also only 11.5 inches wide, 6 inches deep and 10 inches high, which makes it one of the easier models to carry with you throughout the day. If you don't mind carrying a handbag around with you, then the SimplyGo will be a breeze for you to tote around in its carry bag, which comes with it.

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