Enjoy Outdoor Hunting with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

So you’re an outdoor sports enthusiast who enjoys hunting? If you have a medical need for oxygen, you can still engage in your favorite pastime. There’s no reason to give up physical activities, especially if you use a portable oxygen concentrator.

In the last decade, oxygen machines have been developed that weigh as little as 2.5 pounds. Their battery life has increased significantly, as well. Oxygen concentrators work by converting air in the surrounding area into concentrated oxygen. They deliver oxygen via continuous or intermittent flow. Continuous flow units provide a consistent amount of oxygen regardless of how many times a patient breaths per minute. Because they deliver a precise amount of oxygen per minute based on the manufacturer’s specs, intermittent, or pulse dose, are usually recommended for patients that require a lower flow of oxygen. If you use a pulse flow machine or need continuous flow up to three liters per minute, you can use a portable oxygen concentrator.

Tracking animals in the woods can be time-consuming, but you won’t have to recharge your unit if you prepare ahead of time. Portable concentrators use batteries when not hooked up to AC or DC power. You can even purchase additional batteries, charge them, and keep them on hand if you want an extra long day hunting outside. This way you’ll be sure to have plenty of oxygen on hand, regardless of how long you want to enjoy hunting.

Several portable oxygen come with various ways of transport. Depending on the manufacturer you choose, you can use a shoulder strap, belt around the waist or a backpack to carry your oxygen concentrator.

You can also check out the noise level particular oxygen machines produce before purchasing them since hunting requires near silence. Several models are extremely quiet, even to the point of being silent. Look at the specs for each model you consider to find out how many decibels of sound you can expect the machine to emit.

If you’re traveling by airplane to hunt far from home, check that your portable concentrator is FAA approved. Most models currently on the market are excellent for use in air travel. You’ll also want to check with the airline to see if it has any specific policies for oxygen use before you travel. If you travel by car, you can sometimes charge the unit’s battery with DC power, depending on the model.

Once you find the perfect oxygen machine to meet your needs, outdoor activities need not cease. There is no reason not to have an active lifestyle that includes hunting with the use of oxygen. Your doctor can let you know exactly how much oxygen you need and how you need it delivered. If you’re a candidate for portable oxygen concentrator use, you can look forward to continuing to engage in hunting activities. Life does not have to come to a halt just because you require oxygen therapy — with the right portable oxygen concentrator; you won’t be homebound wishing you could enjoy the great outdoors. You’ll be outside hunting in no time at all.

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