Eclipse 3 vs. The New Eclipse 5 – The Main Differences

SeQual, already one of the best in making top of the line, versatile and dependable oxygen concentrators, seem to have come up with their best yet with the SeQual Eclipse 5. The previous model, the Eclipse 3, was already a customer favorite for those who need a portable oxygen concentrator with a continuous flow, but the Eclipse 5 was designed to be even better, tougher and with more features and abilities. Here are the differences between the old to the new.

Improved DC Charging

If you wanted to charge your Eclipse 3 in a car, you wouldn't be able to keep the charge high enough to power it above 96 ml on pulse dose, 2.0 LPM on continuous flow. As you might know, the Eclipse 3 has the capacity to deliver up to 3.0 LPM of continuous flow, and up to 192 ml on the pulse dose setting. The Eclipse 5 has those settings as well, but now you can run it with the DC adapter to its full capacity! It will also charge up the battery, while running the concentrator from the power source. Very helpful for those taking long trips in a motor vehicle.

Customization Features

With the Eclipse 5, you have the ability to customize the size of the oxygen pulse, or “bolus”, to fit your individual oxygen needs even better than before. You shouldn't do any adjusting without your doctor, but now you will be able to find a happy medium, where you weren't able to before.

Another great new feature, is the adjustable rise time. You may have turned on your Eclipse 3 in the past, and felt a little uncomfortable for a few moments before you got used to the air flow. With the adjustable rise time, you can set it to increase the flow pressure gradually, until it reaches your prescribed flow rate. This is most helpful for those who have to fall asleep while using their Eclipse 5.

Smaller AC and DC Adapters

The AC and DC adapters that come with the Eclipse 5 are much smaller and more durable, compared to the ones that came with an Eclipse 3.

Stronger and Tougher

Aside from the outer shell being a lighter shade of gray than the Eclipse 3, the Eclipse 5 is designed to be even stronger and resilient. The Eclipse 3 was already considered to be one of the toughest and most suitable for an active lifestyle, but the Eclipse 5 is even an improvement on that. Its durability and long life before any sort of major maintenance or repairs makes this portable oxygen concentrator not only worth the money, but it also saves you a lot of money in the long run.

One of the best similarities between the Eclipse 3 and the Eclipse 5, are the battery compatibility. A battery that was used in any previous Eclipse model (1, 2, and 3) would work in the Eclipse 5, and vice versa.

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