Drive Oxus Oxygen Machine Customer Reviews

The Drive Oxus is a great deal when it comes to portable oxygen concentrators. The compressor is exclusively found in the Oxus, and it's one of the most whisper quiet concentrators on the market. It's a favorite among those with a smaller budget, who still want a concentrator that can give them what they need, with great features.

We recently asked out customers how they were doing with their Drive Oxus, and this is what they had to say.

“I didn't think I would be able to get a great portable model because I couldn't spend a bunch of money at the time. This concentrator was at a decent price point for me, and with your payment plan it was a lot less painful on my wallet! So much better than using liquid oxygen by far, and I feel even better know that I'm actually saving money in the long run by not having to refill a tank. I carry mine around with a cart, since my arthritis is pretty bad these days, but if it wasn't for that I would just carry it around in a bag. I'm very happy with my new concentrator.” - Bill O.

“I'm not sure why this concentrator isn't more popular among my patients. One of patients got it at a great price from your company and it works wonderfully. It's very quiet and the fixed bolus size is perfect for people who are more active and need to continue receiveing the same amount of oxygen. It always delivers the oxygen he needs. I recommend the Drive from your company now more than from other stores.” - Tash E.

“The other day, I got worried because I thought my grand kids broke it. I came back in the room and they were playing with it like it was a toy robot. It took a beating and they were pressing the buttons repeatedly, got some drips of a gooey drink on it, and I was pretty sure it wasn't going to work right again. I got out the users manual, looked it over, wiped it down, and set it back to the setting my doctor subscribed, and amazingly it's still working fine. My grand kids had a hold of it for long enough, and I've seen other electronics get destroyed by their curiosity, but not this oxygen concentrator! It's pretty resilient, other than just being a really good concentrator. Maybe Oxus should start making toys? I think they would last longer than the toys made by the regular toy companies!” - Mark L.

“It's nice that this concentrator comes with 2 rechargeable batteries instead of just one, they really come in handy. The battery doesn't last very long and I like that the extra battery doesn't drive up the cost. Great deal on this concentrator! The rolling cart is really easy to work with, too. It goes along smoothly and doesn't feel flimsy like a lot of other rolling carts I've seen. I'm satisfied with this concentrator and the whole package. Thanks!” - Frances R.

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