DeVilbiss iGO Portable Oxygen Concentrator Reviews

DeVilbiss is one of the most trusted brands for oxygen concentrators and CPAP machines, and their portable concentrator, the iGo, is very popular and seems to have it all. It's a versatile machine that was designed to meet the needs of people with continuous or pulse dose oxygen, and is one of the lighter models that offer both types of flow rates.

Before purchasing your own DeVilbiss iGo, you should take some time to ask questions and read our customer reviews to be sure that this portable oxygen concentrator is right for you.

“I just recently got the external battery charger that is made for the iGo, and it's added so much more time for me to stay out in my garden or go to the park with my grandchildren. This machine itself was one of the best investments I've ever made. I was diagnosed with Emphysema when I was 56, and I started out with using liquid oxygen tanks. That got old after a while, so after some suggestions from one of my best friends, I broke down and got the iGo because it has continuous flow up to 3 LPM, which is what I needed, and because it's only 19 pounds. Pulling it around on it's cart isn't a big deal and I can go basically anywhere I want without worrying about refilling any tanks. I've very happy with this machine.” - Faye

“I would just like to say that my grandson got curious about my iGo and dropped it hard on a concrete floor. I was sure that it wouldn't work anymore, but I looked it over and nothing was wrong with it. Not even a scratch on the outside. If this thing can live through my grandson, it will probably withstand just about anything. I'm also very happy with how quiet it is, even on the highest setting. I used to get stared at a lot in public places because of the noise that my old portable concentrator made a lot of noise, but this one is barely noticeable, except for when the room is completely silent.”
- Nate

“The battery charges pretty quickly, and I was impressed with that. I was pressed for time and had to get on a flight and I had to have both batteries 100% charged before I boarded. I was afraid that I would miss my flight while I was waiting for them to both charge, but I still had plenty of time. I was also really happy with the way it handled bumps while I was on vacation, and the carry case took most of the impacts. The carry case is a great protector and a must have. I'm very satisfied with my purchase.” - Georgia

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