Customer Story - Emma at the Lake with a SimplyGo

An inspirational stories from one of our oxygen therapy users. This is a customer story about Emma and her father Kevin while using a Respironics SimplyGo mobile oxygen unit on a recent family trip to the mountains and lake.

"The machine is working great, we surprised the kids and took them up to the local mountains recently for the weekend to go camping. (With the 3 batteries, we could keep her outside virtually all day without needing to have it plugged in…worked perfect.) No 5-year old likes having to wear a nasal cannula but it’s better than not going. Both Emma and her sister are very excited that we can travel as a family to altitude with no restrictions. We have 3 more trips planned for later this summer to places with mild elevation, it will be nice having the machine in case we need it. Peace of mind goes a long way when traveling with a heart kid."


Customer Story - Emma at the Lake with a SimplyGo Oxygen Concentrator

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