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  • Tricky Oxygen Therapy Terms Users Should Know

    As we have been in business since 2001, we have come to realize that there is industry – related jargon that is used among as well as providers, doctors, and others in the oxygen field. This can be very confusing for anyone who doesn’t work in this industry and make an already difficult process even worse. Below, we have tried to define the tricky terms that get tossed around frequently; hopefully, this will help alleviate any headaches!

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  • An Overview of the DreamStation Go PAP Machine

    Launched in April 2017, the Philips DreamStation Go is a positive airway pressure (PAP) device. It is one of the smallest available on the market and providing portability to those suffering from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

    What Is a PAP Machine?

    A PAP machine is different from an oxygen concentrator in that it provides pressurized air to a sleeping patient, not supplemental oxygen. When a patient has sleep apnea, he or she will stop breathing regularly during the night; this can be caused by a relaxation of the throat muscles (obstructive) or, less commonly, faulty signals from the brain that fails to instruct your body to breathe (central).

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  • Guide for New Oxygen Therapy Users - Understanding and Expectations

    If you are new to oxygen therapy, you may be overwhelmed with the information that you have been receiving, or you may be searching for more information. To assist your research, we have compiled a few key topics that you should know and understand about oxygen therapy.

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  • 9 COPD Complications You Should Know About Early in Your Treatment Plan

    “What types of COPD complications could I see as the disease progresses?”

    If you have been diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), you might be wondering how it could affect your life in the future.

    It is essential to understand how COPD progresses and what types of challenges you might face. This knowledge will empower you to work with your doctor and develop a comprehensive treatment plan to avoid or prevent complications over time.

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  • Oxygen Concentrator Store Customer Reviews and Testimonials - May 2018

    We know that our success depends on the satisfaction of our oxygen customers and that is why we strive to give every customer the highest shopping experience! We pride ourselves on educating new customers on oxygen solutions and providing post-shopping customer support.

    View a small selection of May 2018 Trustpilot Reviews that we have received from actual customers.

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  • International Usage of Oxygen Concentrators

    When traveling outside the USA, there are some important considerations when using an oxygen concentrator. The most important factor is the electrical supply, which differs widely in both quality and quantity; though there are some possible other considerations to consider.

    In the United States electrical current is standardized around 120 Volts AC (VAC), at 50 Hertz in either the NEMA 1-15 (Ungrounded) or NEMA 5-15 (Grounded) formats. This standard is used in several other countries as well. However, confusion and problems can arise from the exact same plug format being used in other countries with vastly different power standards.

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  • Portable Oxygen Concentrator Maintenance

    Your portable oxygen concentrator is your lifeline, and it is how you keep active and breathing comfortably every day. And because portables are vital to everyday life, we are frequently asked, “What type of maintenance is needed on my portable oxygen concentrator?”

    Portable oxygen concentrators just like any other machine require regular maintenance and service to make sure it operates correctly. To assist with this question, we have developed a general maintenance guide for portable oxygen concentrators.

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  • Taking Care of your Oxygen Concentrator in the Summer

    If you have breathing difficulties, you know that the summer brings some complications: high humidity and extreme heat can exacerbate conditions such as COPD. In fact, one study showed a strong association between weather-related heat and emergency hospitalizations related to respiratory distress, meaning that those who suffer from these conditions must take even better care of themselves when the temperatures rise.

    In addition to taking care of themselves, though, they need to take care of their oxygen concentrators. Units aren’t made to withstand extreme heat, so it’s important to ensure you’re keeping it safe along with yourself.

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