Baby it's Cold Outside

Baby, it’s Cold Outside

Most people with COPD know what triggers are going to make their COPD symptoms worsen; weather and air pollution are the two biggest culprits. With the winter months upon us and the temperatures dropping, knowing how to prevent cold weather discomfort might mean the difference between staying in and going outside.

When the weather turns cold and we go outside, our airways respond by narrowing and then restricting the air or oxygen flow into the lungs. This, of course, makes it more difficult to breathe.

Is there anything that we can do to prevent this from happening?

First and foremost, check with your doctor, but here are a few handy tips for fighting the cold:

1) Wear a mask, scarf or turtleneck over your mouth and nose
2) Breathe in through your nose as this allows your body to naturally warm and add moisture to the air
3) If you use a bronchodilator (inhaler), ask your doctor about administering a dose about 3o minutes before you go outside
4) If you use oxygen, hide your oxygen tubing (nasal cannula) inside your clothing. The cold temperatures can make your tubing cold and brittle!! Plus, it will help to keep your O2 warm!

So, don’t let the cold weather keep you away from family and friends this Holiday Season! Bundle up and don’t forget the oxygen! And if you need help with a rental unit to take that winter vacation, please give us a call at AMSR…remember, if you breathe easier, we breathe easier…

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