COPD and Breathing

My breathing has gotten really bad from COPD. I have Emphysema and it seems t be getting worse all the time. Am I just out of luck as far a breathing again?

Hi, Jim!

I guess the obvious question for me to ask is Have you talked to your doctor about this yet?

If your symptoms are getting worse, maybe your doctor needs to reevaluate the medications that you're on. Are you taking any corticosteroids, like Advair or Flovent, on a daily basis? Medications like those need to be taken every day in order to be effective.

Also, have you considered going to a Pulmonary Rehab program? If not, that might a good thing to talk to your doctor about's basically supervised exercise, on oxygen, with a Respiratory Therapist.

And if you're a smoker, STOP! You'd be surprised how many COPD patients still smoke!
There are little things, like the above, that can help with your symptoms. Only your doctor knows the extent of your COPD, so I would definitely recommend going to see him/her to discuss your concerns.

Lori Peters, RRT
Registered Respiratory Therapist | American Medical Sales & Repair

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