Lifechoice and Lifechoice Activox Concentrator Comparison

Inova Labs created two great, yet small and fully-featured portable oxygen concentrators, the Lifechoice, and the Lifechoice Activox. These two concentrators are small, without being so small that they don't offer a good flow rate of oxygen, or fall short on extra features that add convenience and comfort to your oxygen therapy. If you want a small oxygen concentrator that won't be a nuisance to carry around, or one that you can exercise with, these two are what you are looking for.

Comparing specifications on oxygen concentrators can be tedious when you are shopping for one that will be perfect for you and your needs, so we are breaking it down first by brand, and then by a few of the best models that we have. We hope these comparisons together will make it easier for you, and assist you in making your decision if you are choosing between the Lifechoice and the Lifechoice Activox.

Flow Rates and Battery Life

The Lifechoice: Offers a pulse flow between the settings of 1, 2 and 3, which have a bolus size (puff of air) of 10 ml, 20 ml and 30 ml, respectively. The battery life has a potential of lasting at least 5 hours, if you are using the back-up battery. The internal battery can go as long as 2+ hours, and the external battery pack will add on as much as 3+ hours of total mobility. You can also plug it into an outlet if you are sitting still while using it to charge and preserve the battery for when you are moving about.

The Lifechoice Activox: Offers pulse dose settings of 10 ml, 20 ml and 30 ml per bolus. The battery can last nearly 5 ½ hours on the lowest setting, and 2 hours on the highest setting. Add the external battery to that, and you have the potential of as much as 12 hours of total mobility.

Size and Weight

The Lifechoice: 4.9 pounds and only 7.5 inches wide, by 9.5 inches high, by 3.125 inches deep. Absolutely no need for a cart, just the carry bag.

The Lifechoice Activox: Still only 4.83 pounds, so just the carry bag is necessary for carrying it around. It is slightly bigger at 9.05 inches wide, by 7.875 inches high, by 4.38 inches deep.

Special Features

The Lifechoice: Smart sleep mode technology! The Lifechoice adjusts to your breathing patterns, which differ when you sleep, to make sure it is matching what it does when you are awake, in the way of delivering the right amount of oxygen. It is FAA approved and less than 50 decibels.

The Lifechoice Activox: Features the sleep mode technology as well. It has Pulse-Wave, which works to give you a continuous flow while you are sleeping. Perfect for those whose breathing patterns vary greatly when they are asleep from when they are awake. It's also FAA approved for airline travel. It has a mute mode for alarms, in case you are in a movie theater or other setting where you don't want the alarms to disturb anyone.

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