Come to an American Lung Association Rally Near You!

Living with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and other chronic lung diseases can be rough, even when your oxygen needs are being met. You might have a lot of questions about the disease, or you might be feeling down and isolated after being diagnosed with a chronic or severe lung disease.

If you or someone you love has just been diagnosed with a chronic lung disease, you should definitely attend an inspirational and education “Respiration Rally” in a major city closest to where you live. American Medical Sales and Repairs is proud to be sponsoring the upcoming rallies being held in Portland Oregon, Seattle Washington, Spokane Washington and Honolulu Hawaii!

We understand how important it is to learn as much about COPD as possible, and to hear from experts about what you can do to live with it and manage it, so you can still live life to the fullest. It's also nice to be able to talk to other patients who are dealing with the same thing as you day in and day out. Many people leave these rallies, held by the American Lung Association, feeling much better about their own futures, and about the futures of their loved ones who have been diagnosed with advanced lung disease.

The next upcoming rally that we have partly sponsored is the one in Portland Oregon this June. We've already sponsored rallies that have been held in Spokane Washington, Seattle Washington and Honolulu Hawaii in the first few weeks of May, and as always, patients leave with a better sense of how to manage their diagnosis, and a new outlook on the rest of their lives.

Being the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States, it's extremely important for people to be aware of this disease. Speakers such as prominent pulmonologists, physicians and health care educators. At each rally, the speak in-depth about how to recognize and manage flare ups. They also discuss at length, the best nutrition and exercise practices for those with COPD, as well as these topics for different levels of severity.

Another great feature you can expect at an American Lung Association Rally, are inspirational speeches from other patients with COPD or other severe chronic lung diseases. These are often the most well received and the most helpful of the things you will experience at one of these rallies. People who have gone through the things you are going through, who are there to answer your questions and relate to you are the best parts.

These rallies usually only going on for the first part of the day and for only one day, so make sure you secure your spot ahead of time, and bring a good friend, relative or caregiver with you so they can learn more about COPD as well, and generally what it takes to continue living life as you did before. Living life with an educated and positive outlook is what these wonderful rallies are all about.

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