Guide to Visiting California with an Oxygen Concentrator

There is a reason that one out of every eight Americans calls California home. The combination of warm ocean breezes, sprawling beaches and the laid-back California mindset make it an enticing place to settle down, and also a popular year round vacation spot.

Whether you want to find your favorite celebrity stars on Hollywood’s walk of fame, do some shopping on Rodeo Drive, walk the boardwalk at Venice Beach or visit San Francisco’s historic Castro or Haight-Ashbury districts, as an oxygen patient, the success of your California adventure will largely depend on choosing the right portable oxygen concentrator to bring along.

Fortunately, your oxygen concentrator options are as unlimited as California’s attractions! (Well, maybe not quite that unlimited, but pretty close!) The concentrator that you choose will all depend on your individual needs. Here are a few suggestions.

If light and small is what you are after, the Airsep Focus may be worth investigating—it’s the lightest and smallest portable oxygen concentrator on the market, and also the quietest!

If you were worried about having to drag a heavy concentrator along on your family trip to Disneyland, don’t worry: the Freestyle weighs in at less than five pounds, gets 2.5 hours of battery life on a single charge (on a setting of 2) and an incredible 6 additional hours when using the Airsep Airbelt accessory! Don’t leave the park before you’re ready—don’t let your oxygen needs decide for you!

If you need a unit that functions in both pulse and continuous dosing modes, you may want to look into the Respironics SimplyGo or the SeQual Eclipse 3. They both function in pulse and continuous, which means you’ll have the versatility to treat your oxygen needs comprehensively no matter which one you choose.

So whether your California destination is North or South, the redwood forests or the beach, L.A. or San Francisco (or maybe a combination of everything), you’ll be able to do it all with the right portable oxygen concentrator at your side.

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