Best Places to Visit Before Summer Ends and Oxygen Therapy Tips

You want to see as much as you can of the places that turn cold and inclement during the winter months. You can always save the places in the warming climates for a vacation during the winter months. Here is a list of the best places to visit while the weather is still pleasant, and a few tips for bringing your oxygen concentrator along with you for the trip.

If you are flying to your destination, make sure you let your airline know 48 hours ahead of time that you are bringing along an oxygen concentrator. Different airlines have different requirements for the battery power you will need when you get on the plane. In any case, you will definitely need extra batteries or battery packs for the trip. You can add more batteries to your rental package, or purchase a travel package for your chosen oxygen concentrator.

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is one of the most popular beach destinations in the country, because it isn't just a beach. If swimming isn't your thing, or if you need continuous oxygen (oxygen concentrators can't get wet), you can or go to Broadway at the Beach for some entertainment and shopping.

Washington D.C.

You can visit the world famous Smithsonian Museum, tour the three houses of government, or take a guided tour around the great monuments in our nation's capital. There also many other attractions this city has to offer.

Cape Cod

This is a great place for those who love boating, fishing, or just spending time in a nice town by the ocean, where there is always delicious, fresh sea food to eat. Check out shows at the Cape Playhouse Theatre, go golfing, or just hang out on the beach.

Mount Rushmore

This huge sculpture took 14 years to complete, and now people flock to it every year. Your own personal travel scrapbook isn't complete without some pictures of your own of this national gem. Take a walk down the Avenue of Flags, which features all 56 of the American state and territory flags, and take a picture of your home state's flag. Check around before planning your trip to see more that this great attraction has to offer.

Marine Highway, Alaska

You can also visit and ride the ferries during the winter, but doing this in the summer is much more popular, because of Alaska's cold climate. Alaska is a beautiful place to visit during the summer, and you can travel by foot or bicycle and climb aboard for a tour on a ferry boat. Just make sure you have plenty of battery life to last you the whole trip. This is a great way to see the breathtaking landscapes along the Gulf of Alaska.

Appalachian Trail, Maine

The Appalachians run along the states on the east coast of the United States, but the Appalachian Trail in Maine is one place you need to see before the winter storms blow in and make this place a little less pleasant. The Northern New England portion of the trail offers great mountain hikes for people who want to experience a wild mountain adventure. Along with extra battery life, it's also a good idea to bring along a simple pulse oximeter to check your blood oxygen level anywhere along the way.

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