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Scott joined American Medical Sales and Rentals in 2008 as a Web Manager and Content Writer. He is a writer and designer. He is extensively trained on oxygen therapy products from leading manufacturers such as Inogen, Respironics, Chart, Invacare, ResMed and more. Scott works closely with respiratory therapists and oxygen specialists to educate the community about oxygen therapy products, COPD, asthma and lung diseases. He writes weekly columns and is passionate about educating the community on oxygen therapy and respiratory issues.

  • How can I maximize battery performance?

    How can I maximize battery performance?

    Here are several things you can do:

    1. Break In New Batteries

    New batteries are “dead batteries” when they arrive at your home. This just means you need to charge them before you use them. We recommend that you fully charge your oxygen battery then use it until it “dies,” then fully charge it again. Do this for 2 to 4 cycles to prime the battery to reach its maximum-rated capacity.

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  • AMSR Rental Program Gets Pulmonary Patients Traveling

    American Medical Sales and Repair and its Oxygen Concentrator Store brings both continuous flow and pulse portable oxygen concentrators to a flexible rental program that delivers therapeutic mobility and opens travel to COPD patients.

    CENTENNIAL, CO – Pulmonary therapy patients who use oxygen concentrators to maintain an active lifestyle face difficulties in planning travel because home respiratory units are not portable and patients can’t be off of oxygen for extended periods of time. American Medical Sales and Rentals and its Oxygen Concentrator Store, the country’s largest online purveyor of such equipment, recently revised its portable oxygen concentrator rental program to bring these patients the flexibility they need for therapeutic mobility and travel.

    “We have expanded our rental fleet of portable oxygen units from three popular brand name units to four and added the two newest and lightest units. The fleet now gives patients four options for pulse concentrators and two options for continuous flow concentrators,” says Jennifer Hopkins, AMSR CEO and Partner. “We have also added daily rentals (7-day minimum) to our formerly weekly-only rental programs so patients have the flexibility of paying for just the mobility they require.”

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  • How to fly with the Respironics EverGo Portable Concentrator

    The Respironics EverGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator is one of only a few oxygen concentrators that the FAA has approved for use on commercial airline flights. Learn the steps on preparing to flying with the Respironics EverGo.

    Things You'll Need:

    • Respironics EverGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator
    • Extra Batteries
    • Prescription

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  • Flying With the Respironics EverGo Oxygen Concentrator

    Flying with the Respironics EverGo Oxygen Concentrator is trouble-free as long as you follow a few important steps before your flight.

    Contact the airline that you are using to make sure they allow the Respironics EverGo on the airline during flights. Most of the larger airlines allow Oxygen Concentrators during flights. The airline will require that you submit a written prescription. Please notify the airline a month in advance and let them know you will be using the Respironics EverGo during flight.

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  • Inogen Releases Inogen One G2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

    Inogen has announced the release of the new Inogen One G2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator. The Inogen G2 is to be released April 2010 and Inogen has advertising this as the oxygen concentrator that has it all.


    Mar 04, 2010 – Inogen has announced the release of the new Inogen One G2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator. The Inogen G2 is to be released April 2010 and Inogen has advertising this as the oxygen concentrator that has it all. It is an improvement on their original concentrator the Inogen One released in late 2004. The G2 is designed to be more patient friendly and easier to use.

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  • AMSR New Website, Oxygen Concentrator

    The Oxygen Concentrator Store is proud to introduce our new website. When we first sat down to discuss what we wanted in a new website, we determined that we wanted our site to be a better reflection of our desire to provide our customers with superior value. Our new site demonstrates our commitment to a positive buying experience with the best products at competitive prices with superior customer service.   We’ve made shopping online convenient, secure and easy to use. Our site offers the highest level of security. We’ve included details about all of our products and how they’re used so that you have answers when you need them—right at your fingertips.

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  • About our Writing Staff

    Meet our talented writing staff.


    Scott Ridl

    Senior Writer/Editor
    Denver, CO
    email: [email protected]
    Scott has been with AMSR since 2008 and is passionate about topics relating oxygen and oxygen therapy. He enjoys sharing his knowledge about oxygen to help educate patients on the options they have.
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    Alec W.

    Contributing Writer
    Boulder, CO
    email: [email protected]
    Alec studied English at the University of Colorado Boulder. He is currently working at American Medical as a Marketing Coordinator and Contributing Writer.


    Marissa G.

    Contributing Writer
    Aurora, CO
    email: [email protected]
    Marissa graduated from University of Colorado with a degree in History. She has been a Contributing Writer at American Medical since 2013.

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