Another Way Oxygen Therapy Can Save Your Heart

It's a fact that our whole bodies need oxygen to stay alive, and we need a certain amount to stay healthy and live a long life. Every cell needs oxygen, with it being even more important for 2 organs specifically – our brains, and our hearts. These two organs work harder than anything else to keep us going and running properly, and if our lungs can't bring in enough oxygen, this is when we need to use oxygen therapy. If we aren't getting enough oxygen to our hearts, it will eventually result in heart failure, as well as a number of other health problems.

It's not just lung diseases that can create the need for oxygen therapy. Recently, a professor at the school of medicine in Dartmouth, New Hampshire observed that oxygen therapy can prevent cell death in the muscles around the heart after a heart attack.

When a heart attack occurs, the heart has been deprived of oxygen in certain areas of the muscle around the heart. It was found that when this happens, the cells slowly continue to die even long after the heart attack. This is especially true for someone who suffered a particularly massive heart attack. Heart attacks like this are often just the beginning of the road to heart failure and other cardiovascular problems.

After observing the results on an animal heart model, experts were able to see that oxygen administered every day for a short period of time each day was able to halt the process of degeneration in the muscles around the heart after a heart attack. The dying cells still held enough oxygen within them to keep working, so that showed there was hope to keep them from dying off completely and prevent any more from dying.

This is also why deep breathing is so good for everyone, especially for those who have health conditions. If shows that if we can keep our cells well oxygenated, we can even slow or completely stop the progression of most diseases. Besides using oxygen therapy, as prescribed by your doctor, doing a few deep breathing exercises each day can also make a big difference on how you feel. With more oxygen being supplied to every cell in your body, this can even help prevent other diseases from occurring.

If you've had a heart attack, is most likely already concerned about and keeping a close eye on your heart and cardiovascular system. You may want to bring up this recent study to him or her and see what he or she has to say about it. After some monitoring and testing, you may be prescribed small amounts of oxygen therapy each day to keep your heart muscles healthy and strong.

Information on this page is for reference and educational purposes only. For more information talk to your doctor or primary care provider.

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