An In-Depth Look at the Lifechoice Activox Oxygen Concentrator

The Lifechoice Activox Mobile Concentrator is the perfect travel companion with its convenient, long-lasting internal battery and small, compact shape. The sleep mode feature allows you to get just the right amount of oxygen while you rest. The Activox Concentrator makes it easy for you to enjoy your favorite activities without having a bulky oxygen concentrator to hold you back.


• The size of a purse or small handbag to allow for easy portability
• Internal battery can last for up to 15 hours
• Breath detection feature that identifies and adjusts to your oxygen needs


The Activox is not only among the smallest concentrators available, it’s also one of the newest of its kind. The Activox sports a light blue color on the front of the machine, and a light grey color on the back. The Activox is sturdy and has rounded edges with an overall box-like shape. There are two large white vents on both sides of the concentrator, and a smaller air vent on the back of the unit. The top of the Activox features an easy-to-read control panel with a white background and large, soft blue buttons for effortless use.

The concentrator system comes with a brown and black carrying case specifically designed for the Activox, and the case has a side pocket for extra storage.

Under a foot tall, the Activox can be stored almost anywhere in the home. Compared to most oxygen systems that take up a lot of room, this compact concentrator is small enough to take to a crowded sports game or busy restaurant.


Dimensions: 7.9" x 9" x 4.5" – Machine with battery
Weight: 4.3 pounds with battery
Battery Life Specs:
Internal Battery
At 1.0 LPM: 12.5 hours
At 2.0 LPM: 7.25 hours
At 3.0 LPM: 6.25 hours

External Battery
At 1.0 LPM: 3 hours
At 2.0 LPM = 3 hours
At 3.0 LPM = 2 hours

Equipped with a carrying bag and shoulder strap, you can take the Activox with you anywhere. It can be worn on your back, across your waist, over your shoulder or carried by hand.

Depending on the setting you put it on, the battery has the ability to last through your favorite activities. The internal battery life is good for up to 15 hours on the first setting, 12 hours on the second setting, and nine hours on the third setting (the highest setting).. The external battery has the ability to add three more hours of battery life. Weighing only two pounds, the external battery can conveniently be worn around your waist. Additional batteries are available for purchase. This internal and external battery feature makes the Activox Concentrator best out of any other brand

The Lifechoice Activox comes with an AC/DC adapter you can use at home or on the go. The Activox is FAA approved so you can take it as carryon luggage on flights. The battery has enough life to last on a 13-hour plane ride; for example, a flight from Chicago to Tokyo.

The Activox Concentrator has a maximum usable temperature of 104 degrees and a minimum usable temperature of 41 degrees. The unit is usable up to 10,000 feet above sea level.


The Activox control panel features five buttons, a battery check sensor, an auto mode setting for active or sleep mode use, a breathe alarm, a cannula nozzle fitting, and a fan outlet vent.

The large, easy-to-read power button makes it convenient for you to turn the device on and off. The battery check sensor allows you to monitor your battery life, so you know when it needs to be recharged. Listed in 25 percent increments, the battery gauge estimates the battery life to the nearest interval.

The auto mode setting includes active-high and sleep-low modes that include breaths per minute, trigger sensitivity and the exclusive PULSE-WAVE™ Delivery. In the active-high mode, there are high breaths per minute, and a baseline trigger sensitivity. The sleep mode features low breaths per minute, and a greater sensitivity to baseline. Both modes feature PULSE-WAVE™ Delivery.

The three-pulse setting lets you control the amount of oxygen you get from the concentrator. The lower the setting, the longer the battery life. The breathe alarm tells you if there is no breath activity, low oxygen output or a device malfunction.

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Starting Cost:

The Lifechoice Activox Oxygen Concentrator system comes ready to use when it arrives at your home. The ActivOx system includes the concentrator unit, internal battery, AC and DC adaptors, carrying case, shoulder strap, cannula and user manual. Additional items for the ActivOx Concentrator are available for purchase, like the ActivOx battery package, Inova Labs ActivOx external battery, LifeChoice ActivOx DC Adapter, and LifeChoice ActivOx AC Adapter.

Due to our online pricing policies with Inova Labs we are unable to display prices on this page. We would be happy to answer any pricing or product questions you may have regarding this item. Please call us at 1-877-774-9271 and we would provide you with our "Guaranteed Low Price".


Overall, the Activox is the best choice for your travel and on-the-go needs. The long, internal battery life allows you to relax and enjoy time with your loved ones without worrying about recharging your battery. The small, compact size of the unit allows you take it with you on trips with your grandkids, to lunch with your friends, long-distance road trips and pretty much everywhere you can imagine. There aren’t any travel limitations for this product.

In addition to the long battery life and convenient portability of the Activox, the sleep feature allows you to get a good night’s rest while receiving the right amount of oxygen you need. The PULSE-WAVE™ Delivery feature gives you uninterrupted oxygen flow.

An In-Depth Look at the Lifechoice Activox Oxygen Concentrator

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