An In-Depth Look at the Inogen One G5 Portable Concentrator

The Inogen One G5 is the latest, most advanced solution for oxygen therapy at home, on the go, and while traveling. Designed and tested for 24/7 use, the Inogen One G5 portable oxygen concentrator keeps you breathing better no matter where you are, what you’re doing, or what time of day it is.

Overview of the Inogen One G5

With the Inogen One G5 portable oxygen concentrator, you can enjoy renewed independence, mobility, and freedom in a powerful, light, and quiet package.

  • Intelligent Pulse Dose Delivery: Six flow settings
  • Designed for 24-hour, full-time usage
  • Up to 6.5 hours run time with single battery
  • Wearable technology: Only 4.7 pounds
  • Bluetooth enabled: Can be used with the Inogen Connect App
  • FAA-approved: Meets all requirements for flying with a portable oxygen concentrator
  • Includes the G5 unit, single lithium ion battery, custom carry bag, AC power supply, DC power cable, cannula and manual.
Overview of the Inogen One G5

G5 Appearance

Housed in a sleek, matte, light grey case with blue accents, the Inogen One G5 is one of the most compact and lightweight portable oxygen concentrators available. At just 4.7 pounds and only 8.15 inches tall, the Inogen One G5 is small and light enough that you’ll barely notice you’re carrying it in the included carry bag.

The G5's portable design lets you continue leading the rich and active life you love, without a cumbersome oxygen tank or bulky oxygen concentrator system.

G5 Portability

Dimensions: 8.15" High x 7.19" Wide x 3.26 " Deep
Weight Specs: 4.7 pounds with single battery
Battery Life: Up to 6.5 hours with single battery
Up to 13 hours with double battery

With a longer battery life and the highest oxygen output per pound of any portable concentrator currently available in the U.S. homecare market, the Inogen One G5 offers the portability, versatility, and dependability you need to get your supplemental oxygen at home or on the go.

In fact, the Inogen One G5 portable oxygen concentrator runs on the air around it, so you don’t need to worry about lugging heavy oxygen tanks around with you, dealing with oxygen deliveries, or disrupting your day with tank refills.

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Traveling with Oxygen Is Easier Than Ever with the Inogen G5

As the most versatile and portable solution for patients using supplemental oxygen, the Inogen One G5 system can be operated in homes, vehicles, airplanes, trains, boats, on the slopes, and countless other outdoor environments. It’s small and unobtrusive enough to easily carry with you wherever you go or to tuck under an airline seat.

The Inogen One G5 is FAA-approved for air travel. The unit's long battery life makes the G5 a perfect solution for travel. Using the included battery on Setting 1, the 6.5-hour battery life gives you enough time to travel to the airport, check-in, go through security line, and take a two-hour flight before having to charge the battery or switch to a supplemental battery. Learn all about flying with an oxygen concentrator and powering your concentrator in the air.

And because the Inogen One G5 runs on both AC and DC power supplies, you can charge the unit's battery on the road. The G5 comes with one single battery, capable of powering your unit for up to 6.5 hours. Additional batteries are available for purchase, including a double battery capable of powering your G5 unit for up to 13 hours.

When it comes to portability, and traveling with oxygen, the compact, state-of-the-art Inogen One G5 is the only oxygen system you will ever need.

G5 Controls

With simple control functions and an easy-to-read LCD display, the Inogen One G5 was designed specifically to meet the needs of the oxygen therapy user — as well as those of the homecare provider.

Inogen One G5 User Controls and LCD Display

Unlike other portable oxygen concentrators, the Inogen One G5's large LCD display is very clear and easy to read, showing the pulse flow setting in use, remaining battery life, and status of the audible alarm at a single glance.

And with a backlit display button, the Inogen One G5's display is easy to read even in dark and low-light rooms.

Improved Oxygen Therapy Management with the Inogen Connect App

Together with the Inogen Connect App, the Inogen One G5 portable oxygen concentrator gives you the peace of mind that your portable oxygen concentrator is working as it should.

  • Monitor your oxygen use, battery life, and the operation of your unit
  • Track when certain parts of your G5 unit need to be replaced or when your unit needs maintenance
  • Quickly and easily access the Inogen G5 user manual, FAQs, troubleshooting tips, and more

Inogen One G5 Pricing:

The Inogen One G5 unit comes with a single lithium-ion battery, AC power supply, DC power cable, custom carry bag, cannula and a user manual. Additional batteries and replacement columns are also available. Please call us at 877.774.9271 to explore the various Inogen G5 purchasing options available.

Inogen One G5 Summary

The Inogen One G5 Portable Concentrator offers oxygen therapy on your terms, allowing you to go about your day, travel with oxygen, and stay out-and-about longer and with more ease. Its compact size provides increased freedom and portability, and with up to 6.5 hours of battery life with the included battery, you can travel without worrying about running out of oxygen.

Not only is the G5 easy to use, compact, and portable, but its sleek design means it blends seamlessly into your home and won’t get in the way of your daily life. Equipped with robust features, the G5 is the optimal oxygen solution for even the most oxygen-dependent patients.

Still undecided? Give us a call at 877.774.9271 or read our blog on deciding which portable oxygen concentrator is right for you.

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