An In-Depth Look at the Inogen at Home Concentrator

Oxygen therapy users who require a reliable stationary unit that is still easy to use and move around the home when necessary can count on the Inogen at Home oxygen concentrator.

The Inogen at Home oxygen concentrator, which features five flow settings, is not only one of the smallest and lightest units designed for daily use on the market, it consumes less energy than other concentrators. Coupled with its affordable price point, this oxygen concentrator can eventually pay for itself all while providing reliable and precise oxygen therapy.


  • One of the lightest-weight stationary oxygen concentrators at only 18 pounds
  • Three-button control making it simple to use
  • Energy-efficient operation saves money
  • Quieter than a refrigerator when in use


While standard oxygen concentrators designed for daily use are often large, bulky and unsightly, the Inogen at Home oxygen concentrator is one of the most inconspicuous and attractive units available. Although it is meant for stationary use, its weight — just 18 pounds, 13 pounds lighter than its closest competitor — makes it easy to move around the home, giving users far more independence and freedom. The unit has been designed to operate quietly as well; it registers at just 40 dB, the same as a refrigerator humming or a running desktop computer when operating at flow setting 2.

The unit is designed with a slim white casing with light blue panels at the base and top; the particle filter is located at the side of the unit. The control panel features just three silver and blue buttons to operate the oxygen concentrator and the nozzle fitting to which the user fits the nasal cannula is located to the right of the panel. The branding of the Inogen at Home oxygen concentrator is subtle, with the name of the unit printed in understated lettering just above the control panel.

Reading with the Inogen at Home Concentrator

Size and Power

Dimensions: 13" Wide x 7" Deep x 16.5" High
Weight: 18 pounds
Power: AC power supply, 100-240V, 275W, 50-60Hz (100W on flow setting 2)

The Inogen at Home oxygen concentrator is made for patients who require 24/7 oxygen in their homes, meaning that it remains in one location. However, because the unit is so lightweight, it can be easily moved by the user anywhere there is a power outlet. Additionally, the concentrator contains automatic sensors to allow for worldwide usage, allowing you to use the stationary oxygen concentrator in any country. Because the unit consumes far less power than larger machines, it can save you far more in electricity costs — up to $300 per year.

Controls and Care

The control panel, located at the top for easy access, features just three buttons to control the entire unit: the on/off button and two flow setting control buttons. Flow settings range from one to five liters per minute; the current setting will be displayed on the display screen. Once the selected oxygen flow rate is achieved — generally about five minutes after the unit is powered on — a green LED next to the flow setting numbers will illuminate.

Two other indicators; the blue indicator light, and the general caution indicator are located directly next to the on/off button. The blue light indicates that the unit requires maintenance within 30 days, while the caution indicator will illuminate in yellow, accompanied by a double beep, to show various alerts, such as low oxygen or flow or a sensor failure. A flashing light accompanied by a triple beep will alert users to an issue that must be immediately fixed.

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The Inogen at Home oxygen concentrator requires minimal maintenance. Users should wipe the unit down with a cloth dampened with water and mild liquid detergent; as weekly cleaning of the particle filter is also required to ensure the unit operates as it should. The filter can be easily removed from the side of the unit and cleaned with mild soap and water; make sure the filter has completely dried before placing it back inside.


The Inogen at Home oxygen concentrator, includes the unit, an AC power cord, cannula, and user’s manual. We would be happy to answer any pricing or product questions you may have regarding the Inogen at Home oxygen concentrator, so please call us at 877.774.9271 to explore Inogen at Home purchasing options available.


The Inogen at Home oxygen concentrator is made for those who require oxygen therapy at all times, day or night, but still want to maintain their independence — and protect their wallet. It is one of the lightest stationary oxygen concentrators around, and its energy-efficient operation makes it even more affordable. With five flow settings, a simple three-button control panel, and durable construction, the Inogen at Home unit is a powerful yet streamlined choice in home oxygen concentrators.

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