AMSR Offers Concentrator Repair Services to Better Patient Health

Oxygen concentrators are increasingly prevalent in the health and medical market for patients who suffer from a variety of related illnesses, such as COPD, sleep apnea and emphysema. These devices are so crucial to quality of life that any broken pieces or malfunctions must be addressed immediately in order to preserve patient livelihood. American Medical Sales & Rentals is the leading company to provide repair services for the majority of makes and models of concentrators.

When patients suffer from conditions that result in a lack of oxygen, they must obtain oxygen therapy through concentrators. These machines help to deliver oxygen through a mask or a series of tubes, depending on the model of concentrator the patient chooses. Patients breathe easier with oxygen concentrators than on their own because the machines remove nitrogen that exists in the normal air people breathe.

Physicians encourage continuous oxygen therapy for the best health results in patients with chronic respiratory illnesses. When an oxygen concentrator doesn’t function properly, breathing difficulties will certainly ensure, and this can be detrimental to any medical treatment plan. In order to maintain an ideal oxygen flow, patients require state-of-the-art repair services to get their concentrators functioning properly once again. Quality repairs also reduce the chances of health-related complications.

Training and expertise is one of the defining differences of American Medical Sales and Rentals compared with other oxygen concentrator suppliers and resale stores on the market. Not only does the company exclusively hire experts in the field, but all technicians receive ongoing training to keep up with new concentrator innovations. This reduces the need for going through great lengths of time without their concentrators.

Each concentrator is taken though a detailed process, starting with a 30-point diagnosis of the problem. Whether it is a leak or quality issue, the technicians can diagnose and fix the problem. Once complete, the technicians ensure the work exceeds all OEM (original equipment manufacturer) standards.

Not only does American Medical Sales & Rentals offer quality repair services for oxygen concentrators, but the technicians also have a speedy turnaround time. The company’s highly trained technicians send the repaired concentrator back to the customer within a few days of receipt of the unit.

Warranties on all work are available, ranging from 90 days to one year depending on the concentrator model. American Medical Sales & Repair can service most makes and models, including those made from:

  • AirSep
  • Inogen
  • Respironics
  • Devilbiss
  • Invacare
  • Puritan Bennett
  • SeQual

While many companies persist for the sales, American Medical Sales and Rentals focuses on customer care first. Not only should customers expect quality customer service, but they will also receive quality care at reasonable prices. Health is one of the most valuable tools a person can have, and this company’s services fit right in with a sensible oxygen therapy plan.
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For more information on all oxygen concentrator maintenance and repair services, please contact Austin Underwood, Head Repair Technician for AMSR at 1-877-774-9271 or by email at [email protected].

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