American Medical Oxygen Eyeglasses Review

American Medical Oxygen Eyeglasses were developed for oxygen users who require prescription glasses and no longer want to use a traditional cannula.

The picture to the right is one of our customers wearing her oxygen therapy glasses, you can't even tell she has a cannula on!

"I am so happy with my new glasses, as you can see from the photos (taken on my 70th Birthday, May 19th) , oh what a difference they make, but then you knew that didn't you."

Thank you for all the trouble you went to for me to get them here, it is much appreciated. I feel like a new woman.

Everyone is saying, "You look so well", so I thank them, and don't say anything for a while, then I tell them about the glasses, and they are shocked, then interested, in how it all works."

The glasses come in many different sizes and colors including gold, metallic silver, dark coffee, gun metal and rose. Please contact us today to order your pair!

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