AirSep Visionaire Reviews

One of the main contenders in “the best and lightest home oxygen concentrators” is the AirSep Visionaire. AirSep is one of the best brands for both home and portable oxygen concentrators, with the very small and lightweight Freestyle, Freestyle 5 and Focus, which are all great for those who are active and only need small pulse doses of oxygen therapy. Like all other home oxygen concentrators, it provides continuous flow for those who need it, up to 5 LPM.

We wanted to know what our customers thought of this great home oxygen concentrator, so we asked them. They were clearly happy with it and had a few things to say, regarding whether or not they would recommend this concentrator to others.

“I wasn't expecting this to be so small! My old home stationary oxygen concentrator was much bigger and louder, even though I was only using 4 LPM of oxygen. It seems like they are improving on technology when it comes to oxygen concentrators. This machine fit right next to my bed and my house is kind of small, but I have no trouble rolling it around my bed, down the hall and into the living room so I can watch TV while I use my oxygen therapy. The less noise makes it easier for me to not be disturbed and I don't need to turn up the television so loud when I watch my favorite shows, which makes my wife much happier. I would definitely recommend this oxygen concentrator to anyone who needs continuous oxygen flow over 3 LPM.” - Samuel P.

“The oxygen dosage that I needed went down because thankfully, my lung function improved since I was diagnosed with COPD, and I mostly have oxygen therapy to thank for that. I used to need 6 LPM of continuous flow, and my doctor allowed my to graduate to 4 LPM. I decided as a way of celebrating, I would get the AirSep Visionaire since it's smaller and more energy efficient than my old oxygen concentrator. It was great to see a significant difference in my energy bill that first month after I got my Visionaire!”
- Janelle W.

“I actually recommended this concentrator to one of my friends who was diagnosed with COPD. Of course she is going to talk to her doctor about it first, but she said that my oxygen concentrator is so small and nice looking, she will definitely bring it up to her doctor. One of my favorite things about it is it's so low maintenance. I also like the way it looks, even though that seems trivial when you're considering oxygen therapy. It makes a difference when your oxygen concentrator doesn't stick out like a sore thumb and look awkward or ugly in your home. And to answer your question – yes I would recommend this oxygen concentrator to anyone who needs continuous flow.” - Bethany J.

“My doctor told me I should get this oxygen concentrator when I was diagnosed with emphysema 8 months ago. When I found out that it was good on electricity and the price of it on your website, I figured it would actually be worth it. I'm happy with it and I would definitely recommend it to others.” - Gerald K.

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