AirSep Intensity 10 vs. Invacare Platinum 10 Customer Reviews

We have several great options for those who need a high pressure flow of oxygen, and among those are the Intensity 10 for AirSep, and the Platinum 10 from Invacare, two high quality and reliable brands. Once you get one of these home oxygen concentrators, you'll be well taken care of for years to come. Both of these concentrators are not only powerful, but they are also some of the newest and best, and the most relatively low maintenance than the older generation of home oxygen concentrators.

Here, we will be comparing what our past customers have said about their experiences with these two home oxygen concentrators, so you can decide which one would be best for you. They both provide up to 10 LPM of continuous flow oxygen, but the smaller details and individual features about them can help you make your final decision.

AirSep Intensity 10

“I was picturing some monstrous machine, but it's only a little over 2 feet tall, and smaller than my nightstand. This thing is very smart, too. It let me know when the oxygen purity was too low with the alarm, and there was no other way I would have known. That could have been very dangerous for me! My grandson is also able to use it for his nebulizer treatments for his asthma. My doctor told me it was able to be used for that, and it's very nifty when he comes to stay with me. I only need to use it for 12 hours out of the day, so he was able to use it during the time I wasn't. Two birds with one stone!” - Jillian K.

“I have to be really careful about it, but I wander about my small ranch style house with the use of my long hose, without moving my Intensity with me! You guys weren't kidding when you said the pressure was very high in this concentrator. I made sure I could do this by checking my blood oxygen level with my pulse oximeter, and it was still where it needed to be. I'm all around happy with this concentrator.” - Dennis W.

Invacare Platinum 10

“I was finally able to upgrade from my older home oxygen concentrator to this one. Of course it's better than my old one, but it went well beyond my expectations. First off, it's much quieter! I even use a setting of 8 LPM during the night. Even though I got more used to it after a while, the old one still bothered me some nights and I would have to sit up and read a book until I got tired enough to go to sleep with the loud humming noise. I don't need to do that these days.” - Faustino G.

“I need to use a humidifier and I really like the set up they have for it on this home concentrator. I'm also happy with how my energy bill hasn't gone through the roof, even though I use it on a setting of 7 LPM. Not bad in the energy efficiency department for how powerful it is.” - Ben T.

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