AirSep Brand Oxygen Concentrator Reviews

AirSep is a highly innovative brand of oxygen concentrators, and they make some of the best and smallest portable oxygen concentrators that we offer. Whether you are an active person, who hikes up mountains and cycles around the neighborhood, or if you just want to enjoy your time in reading a book, one of these AirSep concentrators will be able to suit your needs.

We heard from many of our customers via email, who are happy with their AirSep concentrators, as well as those who offer some constructive criticism and offer good advice so you can make the right selection.

AirSep Freestyle Portable Oxygen Concentrator Reviews

“My doctor prescribed 2 LPM of pulse dose oxygen for me, so luckily I was able to take advantage of this tiny oxygen concentrator. It's light as a feather and it feels nice to carry around something that is so out of the way, and doesn't seem like I'm getting too much attention because I'm carrying around a machine. If you can get this concentrator, I highly recommend it.” - Annalea

“I was so excited the other day to receive this. No more needing to carry around my much bigger, older concentrator that drained a battery way too fast. It's nice to be able to have enough time on a battery to be able to go out with my friends to our bowling league and not have my low battery alarm going off before I was ready to leave. Last night, I was actually able to stay the whole time without bothering with it at all! I was able to have fun and I'm very happy with the Freestyle.” - Charlie

“The noise factor on the highest setting, which is what I use, is the only thing I'm not happy with about this concentrator. It seems a bit loud, but other than that it's a great little machine.” - Donelle

AirSep Freestyle 5 Reviews

“I'm so glad this model exists, because I need 5 LPM of pulse dose oxygen and this one delivers. I was sold on the Freestyle, but I was disappointed when I saw that it only goes up to 2 LPM. This one is also not much heavier for what it can do!” - Abe

AirSep VisionAire Home Concentrator Reviews

“I need to use 4 LPM continuous at night only, and this was a great deal at the price. It's much lighter than my old home oxygen concentrator and much quieter. I know this sounds silly, but my dog likes to sleep with me at night and the only concentrator was noisy that it chased her away after a while. If I could have run away from it too, I would have! This one just has a gently hum and neither one of us are bothered by it.” - Abbey

“My electric bill is so much smaller with this new concentrator! It's so energy efficient and out of the way and I'm very satisfied.” - Sachi

AirSep Intensity 10 Home Concentrator

“This thing is capable of doing anything or so it seems. We've been using it in our home for my grandmother and great aunt who both need oxygen therapy and it's very powerful. The only bad thing is how much electricity it uses, but I found out that this is normal for a concentrator that puts out 10 LPM. In fact, this isn't bad for that amount of power that is needed.” - Misha

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