Adventures with Oxygen

Our customers prove you can still do what you love while using oxygen. From traveling to places near and far to sports and leisure activities like boating and biking, these stories show how oxygen therapy can still make it possible. Read these stories for inspiration about how you can stay active while getting the oxygen therapy you need.
  • Customer Story - Emma at the Lake with a SimplyGo

    An inspirational stories from one of our oxygen therapy users. This is a customer story about Emma and her father Kevin while using a Respironics SimplyGo mobile oxygen unit on a recent family trip to the mountains and lake.

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  • How to Take a Road Trip in an RV or Car With Oxygen

    If you’ve been aching to drive coast to coast in an RV or visit those relatives on the opposite side of the country, a portable oxygen concentrator can help make it happen. A standard at-home oxygen concentrator is often too bulky or doesn’t have the power capabilities to run in a car; with oxygen tanks, your car may not have the storage space to pack as many tanks as you need.

    Portable oxygen concentrators are made to be used on the go, including in cars and RVs. With portable oxygen concentrators, your main concern is ensuring that the unit can stay powered for long stretches of time. There are two options for powering an oxygen concentrator: using power from the vehicle itself or using batteries.

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  • Senior Vacation Destination Ideas in Miami

    Miami offers the ideal climate and plenty of sightseeing for senior travelers. With Miami’s flat sea-level location, you’ll find plenty of sites and entertainment perfect for taking along your portable oxygen concentrator. Let’s take a look at hotspots and fun you don’t want to miss in Miami.

    First, head to South Beach, the heart of Miami, with its Art Deco style. Stay in one of many hotels of that era. Check out the famous Raleigh Hotel, with it’s curvy pool, named the most beautiful in America by Life Magazine in 1947. Do you love old Esther Williams movies? Many of them were filmed here! The Delano was Miami Beach’s tallest building when constructed in 1947. It’s still one of Miami’s hotspots, and ranked by the American Institute of Architects as one of the association’s favorites. The Clevelander is located in central South Beach and recently underwent an intensive, expensive overhaul. Park Central is a Deco hotel marked by a gorgeous, brightly lit lobby, just a few steps from Ocean Drive’s nightlife scene. It has a wonderful rooftop terrace, plus a pool located in front of the hotel, in true Art Deco style.

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  • How to Order a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

    Your doctor has just determined that you need to use oxygen therapy on a regular basis, and you've decided that you want to use a portable oxygen concentrator. There are a few things to consider when you are thinking about treating your COPD, or other condition, by using a portable oxygen concentrator:

    Will it meet my dosage needs?

    Will I be able to use it long enough before I need to stop and recharge the battery, or can I get extra batteries?

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  • Living with Oxygen Therapy - Inspirational Stories and Images - Part 2

    As long as you want to keep doing the things you love, where there's a will, there's a way! We have put together inspiring oxygen stories and images directly from our customers. The stories include riding on a Harley Davidson with a Respironics EverGo on the countryside to enjoying a rollercoaster at Disneyland or swimming with a portable concentrator.

    Using a portable oxygen concentrator is like giving you the gift of health and freedom once again. They require no refills as oxygen tanks do, and as long as you have charged up batteries, you can go virtually anywhere, and no all the things you could before.

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  • Living with Oxygen Therapy - Inspirational Stories and Images

    Here are the inspirational stories from our oxygen therapy users. They are just as strong and free-spirited as they ever were and didn't know the meaning of giving up what makes them happy. They use portable oxygen concentrators to get around while getting the oxygen therapy they need.

    We have put together inspiring oxygen stories and images directly from our customers. The stories include hiking at 6700 feet in Glacier National Park in Montana to Zip-lining in North Carolina to hiking Buzzard Roost; Ohio’s most spectacular view.

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  • 2014 American Lung Association's Run the Rocks 5K

    “Run the Rocks” is a 5K put on by the American Lung Association, to help raise research money and awareness for a variety of lung related diseases and important issues. The 8th annual 5K run/walk will be taking place on October 12th 2014 in Red Rocks Park in Morrison, Colorado. This run sounds like a lot of fun, as the runs and onlookers will be treated to live music throughout, as well as the beautiful scenery of the park. The end of the 5K run/walk is at the top of the historic amphitheater, but you'll have to climb the steps to get there.

    Even if you can't participate as a runner or walker, you can help raise money for the cause by pledging to a participant. You can do this, and find other important information about the event by visiting You'll be able to search for a particular team or individual participant by entering their name if you know someone who is participating, or you can just give directly to the cause.

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  • Hiking in Colorado with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

    The beautiful mountain ranges of Colorado beg to be hiked, traveled through and camped. It's an experience many avid hikers, mountain climbs and active travelers all agree should be enjoyed at least once. It feels as though you're taking a total break from civilization, which is usually much needed in this fast-paced and stressful day and age.

    If you have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) or other type of lung or cardiovascular disease, you shouldn't have to miss out on this wonderful outdoor travel experience. For one thing, the fresh mountain would be great for you, as long as you can get enough oxygen. Portable oxygen concentrators have been made to be taken virtually anywhere, and hiking with oxygen in the Colorado mountains is no exception.

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  • Things You Can Do With Modern Portable Oxygen Solutions

    Oxygen therapy has come a long way in how much freedom you can have while receiving it. Here are just a few things you can do today, thanks to advancements in modern oxygen therapy, that you could have never done 10 years ago. There are tips and suggestions to help you do these things, as well.

    Use Your Oxygen Therapy In-Flight

    Many modern portable oxygen concentrators are approved to be used on board a commercial flight, by the Federal Aviation Administration. When a portable oxygen concentrator is approved by the FAA, it means it's been found to be completely safe for everyone on board, and can be completely relied upon to deliver the amount of oxygen needed during the flight.

    Of course, you would need to make sure the portable oxygen concentrator has enough battery power to last the whole time you'll need it during the flight. Every airline has its own set of rules for bringing an oxygen concentrator aboard, including a physician's statement and a certain amount of extra battery power. You must always check with the airline before booking a flight, to make sure you have everything you need.

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  • Hiking in California with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

    Whether you plan on hiking through eastern California's Sierra Nevada range, or the Big Basin Redwoods State Park, California is a state with plenty of great outdoor hiking adventures. If hiking in California is on your bucket list, having COPD or needing to use oxygen therapy shouldn't stop you. Portable oxygen concentrators are design to help you stay active and do virtually anything you want, even something as physically strenuous as hiking with a mobile concentrator.

    First, you need to make sure you're physically up to it by seeing your doctor, and telling him what you'd like to do. Hiking up to Sturtevant Falls would be a lot easier and less physically demanding than

    Mount Tallac in Lake Tahoe, so there might be some things that your doctor will advise you do instead of others. You might need to compromise, but you can still do the hiking you'd like to do in a beautiful place.

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