2014 American Lung Association's Run the Rocks 5K

“Run the Rocks” is a 5K put on by the American Lung Association, to help raise research money and awareness for a variety of lung related diseases and important issues. The 8th annual 5K run/walk will be taking place on October 12th 2014 in Red Rocks Park in Morrison, Colorado. This run sounds like a lot of fun, as the runs and onlookers will be treated to live music throughout, as well as the beautiful scenery of the park. The end of the 5K run/walk is at the top of the historic amphitheater, but you'll have to climb the steps to get there.

Even if you can't participate as a runner or walker, you can help raise money for the cause by pledging to a participant. You can do this, and find other important information about the event by visiting RunTheRocks.org. You'll be able to search for a particular team or individual participant by entering their name if you know someone who is participating, or you can just give directly to the cause.

So what exactly is the Run the Rocks 5K raising money for? There are several things listed on their website, that are extremely important to preventing deaths and illnesses related to lung conditions and lung related issues. On the website, you'll also see the pictures, names and stories of individuals who are being helped by the 5K.

Education for asthma in children is one of the main programs that are being supported. This program is dedicated to educating kids and families on how to successfully manage asthma, so they don't have to miss out on anything, such as sports, or generally living a full and active life.

This also supports the program Not-On-Tobacco, which works to educate young people on the dangers of smoking. 90% of smokers became addicted before the age of 21, so educating young people about illnesses such as COPD and lung cancer, as well as the overall health decline and addictiveness of tobacco is extremely important.

Clean air is another major issue in lung health. They support this program, which works toward promoting the use of mass transit, alternative fuels and greener living. Why drive a few blocks when you can walk or ride a bike? Pollution is one of the main causes for lung disease, right behind the use of tobacco products.

The American Lung Association of Colorado puts on workshops to help those with lung diseases live fuller lives. They teach those with COPD (emphysema and chronic bronchitis) better manage their diseases so they can do more of the things people with healthy lungs can do. Run the Rocks also raises money for these workshops.

Visit RunTheRocks.org for information on the event, such as where to park, event times, registrations fees, as well as which bands will be playing at the event and information on the awards party afterward. If you are participating, there are also tips for training and running/walking the race.

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