2013 COPD8 USA Conference

The 2013 COPD8 Conference will be held at the Hilton in downtown Chicago, Illinois on June 14th and 15th, with the educational workshop on the 14th only. This workshop is for healthcare providers but is also open to anyone who wants to sit in and learn about the the newest developments in health care that have an effect on how Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, or COPD, can be treated, as well as clinical, research and care delivery. There will be a joint session in the morning from 10 am to noon, and the educational workshop will go from 1 in the afternoon to 2:30 PM.

It costs $30 for a spot in the workshop audience, with lunch and snack included in the price. Parking at the location is $22, but you can park less than a block away for only $10. You will also have access to optional bus transportation for free to get you to other spots in the city, or to your hotel if you aren't staying at the Hilton. If you decided that you can't make it after purchasing a ticket, you can cancel before May 25th to get a full refund. If you'd like, you can also pay to attend the whole conference, not just the workshop.

A panel of experts will be there to educate and to answer any questions that will ultimately arise after the main discussion. The first thing you will see if you attend, is a 3D Interactive illustrating the ins and outs of COPD, how it is diagnosed and what exactly happens to the tissues in the lungs when someone has developed COPD, whether it is emphysema or chronic bronchitis.

This workshop is designed for health care professionals – nurses, medical directors, respiratory therapists, as well as pulmonary specialists and primary caregivers – but attending a workshop like this can be extremely important for patients with COPD, as well as the people at home who help care for them. Learning about a disease as potentially dangerous as COPD can make a huge difference in how you seek treatment and look at your own physical state. You will be able to have a better eye for the early signs of exacerbation, so hopefully it can be treated without leading to hospitalization.

Exacerbations in COPD should be avoided as much as possible, since they can actually cause the disease to worsen and lung function to decrease. You can also learn about any new developments in health care that you might have access to, in helping you manage your disease, the details on how respiratory therapy can make a huge impact on treated COPD, etc.

As a patient, you will be able to ask questions and listen to the discussions of health care providers directly, who are experts on the subjects of lung health and chronic lung diseases. This will be a great opportunity for you and whoever you invite along, to learn what there is to learn about the new developments in COPD treatment.

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