10 Healthy Foods for Living with COPD

People with COPD burn more calories each day than people without COPD. It's recommended that you should try to take in around 3,000 calories a day (a healthy person needs 2,000 or less), if you have COPD and are underweight. The muscles you use to breathe with have to work harder when you have COPD. That means you burn a lot more calories. This also means you'll feel tired quicker, and if you don't take in enough calories, you won't have enough energy for anything, let alone breathing.

You will also tend to feel fuller sooner, because your lungs have been damaged and expanded, taking up more room in your abdomen. This is why it's recommended that people with COPD have six "mini meals" instead of 3 large meals a day. This will prevent you from getting tired while trying to eat a large meal.

Here are 10 healthy foods for people living with COPD.

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