FreeStyle 3 & 5 Only $1500!

FreeStyle 3 & 5 Now ONLY $1500!

Why wait for Black Friday? Here at AMSR we don't believe in waiting! That's why we're bringing you this exclusive early Black Friday Sale!
For the next week only the AirSep FreeStyle 3 & 5's are on SALE! This deal is only available while supplies last and stock is already limited!

Ready to take advantage of this deal? Call 1-866-448-1954 or fill out the form below for more information!

AirSep Freestyle 3 Concentrator

AirSep Freestyle 3

Quick Overview

  • Pulse Dose
  • 4.4 Pounds with Internal Battery
  • 3.5 Hour Battery Life
  • Includes the AirSep Freestyle unit, internal battery, universal power, and more.

AirSep Freestyle 5 Concentrator

AirSep Freestyle 5

Quick Overview

  • Pulse Dose
  • 6.2 Pounds with Internal Battery
  • 2 Hour Battery Life
  • Includes the AirSep Freestyle 5 bag, internal battery, AC power, and more.

Ultimate Freedom with the AirSep Freestyle

Ultimate Freedom

Experience the ultimate freedom of an AirSep FreeStyle portable oxygen concentrator! Don’t compromise your freedom just because you require oxygen therapy. Run errands, visit family, and drive with ease! Take back your health and independence with a lightweight, reliable, and powerful unit today!

Easily Portable

With the FreeStyle 3 at a feather light 4.4 pounds with battery and the FreeStyle 5 at an impressive 6.2 pounds with battery, these units are ultimate travel companions! Added carry case and convenient carrying strap make the FreeStyle’s ideal for active lifestyles.

AirSep Freestyle is Easy to Use

Quiet and Discreet

The FreeStyle line, being so small and lightweight, still does not disappoint in terms of noise level. The FreeStyle 3 and 5 run at a quiet 38-44 decibels depending on setting. That’ s around the same level as a high-end refrigerator running, perfect for noise sensitive events and areas!

Easy to Use

The FreeStyle line stresses ease of use with one button pulse setting and battery indicators! No more confusion or fumbling around with manuals, the FreeStyle line is straight forward and user-intuitive. Simple user interface makes oxygen therapy a comfortable and safe experience.

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