Amara View Mask Fitting Guide

Here are some tips to keep in mind when fitting and using your Amara View sleep apnea mask.
  1. The Amara View Mask should be comfortably against your face and the cushion nostril opening goes directly under your nostrils. The headgear should be away from your eyes and the bottom cushion should rest just above your chin with your mouth slightly open.
  2. A common user mistake is over-tightening the mask headgear. The headgear should be comfortable and fit loosely. The headgear should be loosened if there are skin bulges around the mask or red marks on your face.
  3. When fitting, test different sleeping positions. Move the mask around until it is comfortable. If there are any excessive air leaks, make final adjustments. Keep in mind some air leaks are normal.

Amara View Fitting Guide

Follow the instructions below to achieve the perfect fit with Amara View.
  1. Loosen headgear to a large setting, then move the headgear clips away from the frame to disconnect.
  2. Hold the Amara View Mask against the face and place it under the nose and over the cushion opening. Push the cushion up.
  3. Pull the mask over your head.
  4. Pull the mask over your head. Press the headgear clips into place to connect to mask.
  5. Pull the tabs back to evenly adjust the top and bottom straps. Pull back the tab to adjust the crown strap.
  6. Connect the tubing to the Amara View quick release tube.

Amara View Mask Comfort Tips

  • Don't overtighten. The headgear should fit loose and comfortable.
  • Adjust the crown headgear strap to reduce leaks around your nose and to lift the straps off of your ears.
  • Adjust the top and bottom side straps to reduce leaks at the sides or bottom of the mask cushion.

Removing the Mask

Disconnect the headgear clips and pull over the top of your head.

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