Humidifier Kits for Oxygen Concentrators

We carry a wide selection of humidifier kits. Please call us at 1-877-774-9271 if you have any questions.

In dryer climates or for other circumstances that would cause the oxygen you breathe to be a little too dry; we carry the right humidifier kits for your portable oxygen concentrator. Now you can have the comfort of perfectly humidified air while you travel from place to place. If you need your humidifier kit as soon as possible, we will have your order shipped same day.

Our selection of humidifier kits are extremely light, no more than 2 lbs to be exact, so you don't need to worry about your portable oxygen concentrator becoming much heavier or bulkier. They are also designed to easily attach to the portable oxygen concentrator they are compatible with, via a strong Velcro or elastic strap.

We carry oxygen concentrator humidifier kits for units that include the Sequal Eclipse Humidifier Kit, Respironics SimplyGo Humidifier Kit, DeVilbiss iGo Humidifier Adaptor Kit and more. Most of our humidifier kits come with bottle, hose and bag. We offer the lowest online prices on humidifier kits and always have inventory that ships same day.

5 Item(s)


5 Item(s)