DeVilbiss Healthcare Product and Company Information

DeVilbiss Healthcare Product and Company Information

DeVilbiss Healthcare is a global manufacturer and distributor of respiratory therapy products. Their products are some of the best home and portable oxygen concentrators available. DeVilbiss has established a reputation for excellence, both for their products and after sales customer service.

DeVilbliss Healthcare is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of respiratory and sleep therapy products that address the needs of patients in institutional and homecare settings. DeVilbiss products are distributed in more than 100 countries around the world.

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About the Company

Dr. Allen DeVilbiss invented the first atomizer in the late 1880’s as a means to apply medicated oil directly to a patient’s throat. To manufacture the medical atomizers in 1890 Dr. DeVilbiss established the DeVilbiss Manufacturing Company in Toledo, OH. Dr. DeVilbiss was dedicated to the quality of design and its impact on the quality of life. He was a true innovator, trying harder, working smarter, and continuing to tinker in his shed until just the right tool was perfected.

In the decades that followed, Dr. DeVilbiss and his sons improved upon the original device and invented other devices for a variety of uses, including perfume dispensers, paint guns, and air compressors. This technology was also used to find ways to help respiratory patients breathe easier and soon this became the focus of the company. After several changes and mergers, the company that Dr. DeVilbiss started is know DeVilbiss Healthcare, a leading manufacturer of respiratory therapy products.

Dr. DeVilbiss’ obsession with quality has been preserved in DeVilbiss Healthcare as researchers and staff use the latest technology and innovations to produce devices that improve the quality of life for their patients. Throughout the years, DeVilbiss has led the way in developing products that make breathing easier for millions. Their goal is to improve the lives of the people who use their products. Just as Dr. DeVilbiss intended more than 125 years ago, DeVilbiss Healthcare continues to try harder, work smarter and embrace the true value of innovation.

Today, DeVilbiss Healthcare is a privately held Limited Liability Corporation owned by Vestar Capital Partners. It is headquartered in Somerset, PA in a 152,000,000 square foot facility which houses manufacturing, distribution and warehouse space. Their products are manufactured in the United States, Europe and Asia and are distributed in more than 100 countries around the world.

About the Products

DeVilbiss Healthcare is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of respiratory and sleep therapy products that address the needs of patients in institutional and homecare settings. Their primary product lines include sleep therapy, plumonary drug delivery, stationary and portable supplemental oxygen, homecare suction devices, and ENT Professional instruments.

Sleep Therapy

DeVilbiss Healthcare manufactures and supplies a range of devices to treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea, a common and debilitating condition where the upper part of the air passage behind the tongue narrows and collapses during sleep, causing an interruption to breathing.

DeVilbiss sleep therapy products include:
CPAP Devices
Masks and Interfaces
Therapy monitoring systems
Comfort Technologies

Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen therapy has transformed over the years and patients now have the option of taking their oxygen with them as they travel or go about their daily lives. Portable oxygen therapy represents the latest developments in oxygen delivery. Small lightweight cylinders and portable concentrators enable patients requiring oxygen therapy to maintain a high quality of life and retain their independence, even while on the go.

The iGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator is a lightweight, portable 3-liter oxygen concentrator that can operate from AC power, DC power or a rechargeable battery. The DeVilbiss Igo has been put though aggressive durability testing to ensure consistent, reliable performance. It can operate on continuous flow or pulse dose delivery. This small, portably oxygen system is the perfect solution to keep pace with an active lifestyle.

Stationary Oxygen Concentrators

Stationary oxygen therapy systems are the preferred method for long term oxygen therapy patients who need oxygen for 15 hours or more a day. Stationary oxygen concentrators enable patients to receive oxygen in and around their homes.

The DeVilbiss 525 DS Home Oxygen Concentrator is the newest addition to the Devilbiss family of home oxygen concentrators. It features an attractive minimalist design that is far less obtrusive in the home. While the design is new, the 5-liter compact concentrator incorporates many of the field-proven internal components featured in other popular Devilbiss models. This new compact concentrator provides unmatched performance, patient safety and ease of operation.

Oxygen Fill Stations

The Devilbiss I-Fill Personal Oxygen Station is designed to help oxygen customers fill their own oxygen tanks and reduce home care costs. The unit extracts purified oxygen from the surrounding air using standard oxygen concentrator technology and can be used with a patient’s existing concentrator fleet. Devilbiss I-Fill makes it easy and convenient for customers to fill portable oxygen cylinders in their homes to give them more freedom to come and go as they please.

Aerosol Therapy

DeVilbiss Healtcare began in the aersol field, when Dr. Allen DeVilbiss created the atomizer in 1888 to apply medication directly to a patient’s throat. Aerosol therapy is still a preferred method for testing and treating many respiratory conditions and DeVilbiss provides a broad portfolio of products, including:

Compressor Nebulizer Systems
Masks and Accessories

Suction Therapy

For nearly thirty years, DeVilbiss Healthcare has set the standard of excellence in delivering the best portable suction therapy for effective airways clearance. They offer homecare suction units and lightweight portable units.

Ear, Nose, and Throat Therapy

DeVilbiss Healthcare provides a range of reusable nebulizers, atomizers and powder blowers to apply medication in various forms to the lungs, throat, nose and ears.