Oxygen User Question: What Oxygen Concentrator Can I Use with a CPAP Machine?

If you need to use oxygen therapy in conjunction with your CPAP machine, you can easily use both at home at the same time. Your doctor will determine if you need to use a CPAP machine if you have moderate to severe OSA, or Obstructive Sleep Apnea. If you have a lung disease that decreases the amount of oxygen you're able to take in, you might also need to use oxygen therapy while you sleep.

Some oxygen therapy patients have been curious as to how a CPAP machine would work at the same time with an oxygen concentrator, to deliver oxygen therapy as well as treat sleep apnea. The answer to this question is very straightforward.

The model of oxygen concentrator you have doesn't matter, as long as it has the oxygen dosage setting you need. The model doesn't determine whether or not it will work with a CPAP machine. The CPAP mask you're using is how the two machines will connect so that they can work together.

The ease of use is important since many people can't just purchase a whole new oxygen concentrator if they find out they need to use it with a CPAP machine. In fact, most standard CPAP nose masks have a tube that will allow you to attach the end of the rubber tubing from the oxygen concentrator. This small tube will be covered with a cap that you can remove to put the end of the oxygen tubing in place.

If this isn't possible, there is another way you can connect your oxygen unit to your CPAP machine. You can purchase a small and inexpensive device called an “oxygen bleed-in adapter”. The short end of the bleed-in adapter attaches to the end of the oxygen tubing.

Connect the larger end of the adapter to the air pressure outlet on the CPAP machine, and make sure it fits securely. Connect the CPAP tubing to the other end of the bleed-in adapter, and then attach the other end of the CPAP tubing to your CPAP mask.

There is another important procedure to follow in turning on both machines, and turning them off.

Always make sure you turn on the CPAP machine first, before the oxygen concentrator. When you're done using them, the oxygen unit should be turned off first. You shouldn't let oxygen flow into the CPAP machine while it isn't running, as this can cause damage to the CPAP machine.

Now you can see how easy it is to use a CPAP machine and an oxygen concentrator at the same time, regardless of what kind of oxygen concentrator you might already be using. It's just a quick adaption and tubing connection, that may or may not require an adapter, depending on how old your CPAP mask is. Newer ones will have adapter built-in.

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