Certified Technicians: Your New Best Friend

By Lori Peters, AMSR Staff Registered Respiratory Therapist

John More, Customer Service Manager at American Medical Sales & Repair, recently had the opportunity to attend the first Repair and Certification Training at Inogen’s factory in Goleta, California.  Inogen, the company that manufactures the Inogen One and the Inogen One G2, invited John as the only technician from North America to this prestigious, and historical, training.

“Nobody in our industry, in North America, has the depth of knowledge that we have at this time about the Inogen One and the Inogen One G2,” said Mr. More.  He went on to say that our presence at this training demonstrates the extent to which AMSR will go in order to take care of our customers’ needs. 

When having work done on your portable oxygen concentrator, it is extremely important that only a certified technician work on your product; having work done by a non-certified technician might void your warranty!         

As a result of this highly specialized training, AMSR is now equipped with the best possible team to handle your Inogen questions and concerns.  Mr. More is factory certified by several other manufacturers, in addition to Inogen, so we will always do our best to take care of our customers, because when you breathe easier, we breathe easier.

To celebrate Mr. More’s successful Inogen Training, AMSR will be happy to offer $25.00 off the purchase of any Inogen battery.  Just mention this article when you call and talk to our experienced sales team!

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