Ask a Respiratory Therapist? - How Often Should an Oxygen Concentrator be Serviced?

An oxygen concentrator is a sophisticated piece of machinery, and like all other machines, it will need to be serviced regularly. Luckily, major maintenance outside of cleaning and changing of filters doesn't need to be done very often. Many modern oxygen concentrators are for the most part, low maintenance. Here are the basics of how and when they should be serviced.

Dirty or dusty environments will cause the need for service quicker than if the air around it was always clean. Animal dander, pollen, everyday dust, and outside pollution will get caught in the filters, requiring it to be cleaned or changed sooner.

If you have a stationary oxygen concentrator, it's best to keep your house clean and run an air cleaner for some parts of the day. Keeping the outside of the oxygen machine clean is also important. You should use a lint free cloth to wipe down the outside of the unit and the vents almost every day, or at least once a week.

Because a portable oxygen runs on battery power and doesn't get to sit at home all the time like a stationary oxygen concentrator, it will need maintenance sooner. This also depends on how often it needs to be used, and at which setting. Using it for many hours each day, and at the highest setting will naturally cause the inner workings to get worn out quicker.

Check your user manual that came with your oxygen concentrator, to see what needs to be done and when for your specific model. Not every oxygen unit is built the same way. Some have 2 filters, some have one, and some have none that you can remove yourself and change or clean.

Check for directions on how to remove and change or clean your filter, and how often you should do it. The manual will also tell you how approximately how often it will need to be serviced by a technician. You can also contact the manufacturer or the retailer where you bought it if you're still not sure.

Even though most models pretty robust, you'll still need to do a little caring for them. For the most part, the maintenance that you'll have to do yourself is minimal. Cleaning the filter usually only involves removing it and using soapy water, and making sure you dry it completely before putting it back in. As always, follow the directions for doing so in the user manual.

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